Zac Posen for Target

I have about 10 minutes to try to write today’s blog, with a toddler mauling me and a nonstop telephone….

…An hour and a half just passed since I wrote the above sentence. Life, oi vay!

So last night I was at Target, first time since last month when I popped in to see if the Gaultier collection had arrived. The Liberty of London items were nearly gone, no biggie, but what caught my eye were the Zac Posen for Target items. Immediately, the masterials and the design of the clothing made the items stand apart from their Mossimo peers on nearby racks. Intrigued, I found myself pawing over the last of the remnants… only XS or XL sizes were still left, since the collection released April 25th.

One dress (pictured on the left, but the one I found was mostly goldtone and less pink) caught my eye. The design’s more formal than I usually wear but I liked the oversized bow, and it was close enough to my size that I considered trying it on. Until I turned over the price tag: $79. And all I could think was, “80 bucks?! Do you know what I can find on ebay for that much money?”

Sigh… I’ve become a budget-snob. I love designers’ materials, cut and quality, but I’m too cheap to even buy retail at Target prices? I want silk, yet I only want to pay cotton/calico price tags. Sure I know better, just go to any fabric store and shop the materials’ cost by the yard, and yet…?

(In my defense, you should see my wardrobe’s growing collection of DVF!)

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