America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 13

We’ve done plus size, now we need a new gimmick… you can hear the producers’ thoughts jumping off the screen as soon as this season began. So, here we are in the midst of Tyra Bank’s Cycle 13 and the girl’s have had the chance to learn from Super Smize (really Tyra? Really??)

And this week our lovely contestants have the following to share.

Sundai says: Blah blah, I stir up trouble.

Bianca says: Blah blah, defensiveness, blah, trust issues, blah a blah. I GOT NO HAIR, of course I’m vunerable.

Nicole says: Blah blah, tried to be nice but blah. Bloody Eyeball! Have you seen my red hair, not to mention these cheekbones?

Ashley says: Blah blah. I talk about the other girls, all bitchy like.

And Lulu said: What Ashley said.

And then Tyra said, ”  .”

And to Miss J she said, ”  .”

And Miss J said, ”  !”

And then everyone said, “See ya, Lulu. Enjoy the complementary weave, on us!”

…And yet, I make time in my life to continue watching, because I’m somehow strangely addicted anyhow.

For which I can only guess that there was a deal made between the Devil and Bankable Productions somewhere along the way.

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