Crest WhiteStrips

Years ago, as a stage performer, I decided to have my teeth professionally bleached. It was the mid 90s, and my dentist fitted me with plastic insert trays custom made for me, then sent me home with a box of Rembrandt professional strength bleaching gel.

And bow howdy, I loved the results. I had so many compliments on my teeth, which I unabashedly described as “refrigerator white”. Big confidence booster!

Then, years passed, and every now and then I’d touch my teeth up with another round of gel purchased from my dentist. But in the past few years, my 5 cup a day tea habit has caught up with my pearly, not-so-whites. And after seeing Liv Tyler’s insanely white teeth on Rachel Zoe a few weeks ago, I keep hearing the nagging voice in my head reminding me that it’s time to touch up the teeth again.

 Until this year, I had never tried Crest’s WhiteStrips but I had seen the commercials, not to mention the knockoffs. Let’s cut to the chase, they work. They work as well as the stuff I bought from the dentist, and they cost less. I bought the Premium box of “professional strength” strips from the local grocery, which cost as much as the regular strength but you get a lot less strips. Doesn’t matter to me though, as I haven’t even finished my ten-day treatment, because I rarely make time to do the treatment twice a day as directed.

And I can definitely already see the results, in fact I noticed a difference almost immediately. Consider this product highly recommended.

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