Taylor leaves Rachel Zoe Inc.

News flash! Taylor Jacobson has left (or perhaps was fired?)  from Rachel Zoe Inc. I’m a few days behind on this, and didn’t discover the news until one of my Bravo Hos mentioned it first — shout out to chasingbunnies for her hunting skills.

 Whether she left of her own accord or if Rachel fired her “blessed jewel” is uncertain, and varies in different reports. Jacobson spent all last season discussing her vocational malaise with the cameras rolling, so it’s no surprise to discover she’s flown the Camp Zoe nest, but it does beg the question of exactly who will replace Taylor’s position within the company.

For this dedicated RZP viewer, it has me hoping the show will still be picked up for another season, with or without the platinum bundle of discontent. And what’s next for Tay Tay? I do wish her well, she has wonderful taste and clearly does love fashion, so go out there and use it or lose it, Taylor.

Somehow, I don’t think she’ll be pounding the streets in her Louboutins looking for a job for very long. Her work ethic was incredible, even on the days when her personality was less-than-sunny.

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Conflict drives the plot, RZP2 finale

There’s a golden rule I was taught in college regarding creative writing… “Conflict drives the plot.” Makes sense, right? After all, it’s War and Peace, not just Peace.

 And, in my sometimes-humble opinion, I think dear Taylor Jacobson has been seriously set up by the producers and the editors of the show. Keep your producer sense turned on high and you can pretty much tell Taylor was being asked leading questions (“What do you like least about your job? Are you happy with where you are at in your career?”) to set up her long tirade of answers for every episode.

 And truthfully, I have so been there, Taylor. Ok no, I wasn’t working for the most overexposed stylist on the planet, but I once was a late 20 something, working for years at my library job with diligence and never a chance of being promoted, stuck on the vocational treadmill.

But really, I give it up to your parents, especially your dad who sees the big picture. Working with Rachel is an opportunity thousands of girls and women would DIE for (ahem), and in this economy you are blessed to *have* a job! You’re already in the passenger seat, and you’d be crazy to jump off the RZ train now that it’s picked up so much speed, which you are obviously smart enough to realize on your own since you’re still with Rach, as of today anyhow.

 So instead, I laugh at the amount of conflict the producers managed to squeeze from Taylor’s malaise and turn into an entire season’s worth of episodes. And how touching is it that Rodger is now on board (and rightly so, voice of reason that he will be. But isn’t it kinda bad luck to work with your spouse?) And the last image we see is our quirky, dysfunctionally fabulous family sitting around the table, together (minus Joey, Marisa, and Jordan).

Doesn’t really matter though, I’ll be crossing my fingers the show gets picked up for another season so we can all hopefully wait and see.

P.S. Check out Rachel’s line at QVC.com! Debut was this past weekend, and things sell out so jump on it, if you like it! I’ve already grabbed a pair of sunglasses with her new logo, just as I envisioned them last summer, months before the debut. Another “you heard it here first” for you, my dears.

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