Louboutin’s red soles

The sight of red soles can send shoe lovers swooning, but how did Christian Louboutin’s trademark look come to be?

“I did not really choose the red sole. Its more like the red sole came to me and had to stay with me,” said the creator in an interview regarding his red sole inspiration. “It started as a happy accident, which I kept. I was very inspired by pop art so all my drawings were really full of colors. So the first prototype arrives. Its very similar to my designs so I was very happy. But something was missing. Thank God I had this girl with me who was painting her nails. Grabbed her nailpolish – thank you to Chanel for that! I grabbed the nailpolish and I painted the sole.”

Louboutin’s inspiration might have been contemporary, but the tradition of the red sole can be traced back to the 17th century court of King Louis XIV. An avid dance enthusiast, the King wore red soled shoes to draw attention to his shapely legs, and once the red soled craze had started, he declared only members of the court were allowed to wear their red soled shoes.

Status symbols, from the start!

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