Gordana was wheeled

Gordana Gehlhausen, the world doesn’t understand you like I do. They wheeled you out of your chance to compete at Bryant Park by critiquing you all season and for what? I still don’t know. 

Let’s look at a few of her creations:

 Her beach challenge, which was in the bottom two. If I’m remembering correctly, this had the amazing back that was macramed, so feminine and yet perfect for a casual beach day.

 The light hit the bubbies kinda funny for this picture, but it’s a gorgeous dress for the Bob Mackie/Christina Aguillera challenge. Sequins were the name of the game, and she used some glitz but tempered it with the soft folds of the chiffon.

Remember the paper dress challenge? Remember her beautiful color wash technique? Was she rewarded for this, of course not. Bottom two.

 And another one of her bottom two looks. WHY? This was the costume challenge, and she created a killer flapper creation with beading to die for. And yet, the judges dissed her for this amazing dress and called her “too safe,” whatever that means.

 And here’s another one that was ignored, but amazing construction with the weaving she did down the center. I would have liked another inch on the hem, but still! GORGEOUS! 

 This look was not one of my favorites, but it won the week of the wedding dress challenge for the divorcee.

 But this grey one I loved, the “amazing necklace” dress, which was stunning and landed in the top 3.

 And her cathedral dress, which got her auf’ed? Stunning! Especially when you discover how much she worked with the fabric to get the rippled “paintbrush strokes” effect. The judges sat there and said it was one of the best in capturing the challenge, and yet? “Auf Wiedersehen.”

If you looked at Gordana’s body of work this season, there’s a lot of grey in her color story. I personally love grey, I think it allows you the freedom to be many different emotions. So why the hell DID Gordana get wheeled out of her chance at Bryant Park? Hopefully because soon she will be there, and it won’t be on the coat tails of PR.

Gordana… we heart you, we admire how far you’ve come in your life, and how much further you will continue to go.

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Paper dresses on Project Runway

This week’s material for our designers to work from didn’t come from Mood… it came from the Los Angeles Times. Newspaper!

The feather dress by Christopher really caught my attention in sketches, but his actual “feathers” reminded me of elementary school cut outs. I honestly thought the judges were going to rip him apart when he was called for the Final Six. Instead, they applauded him and dissed one of my favorites of the show… Gordana’s.

I’m a Gordana fan, I’ll go on record with that. But the judges found her boring – a fashion no no. The color work of Altheeha’s dress was so amazing that I almost wanted her to win again. It reminded me of colorwash quilts I’ve seen, and I just loved how it changed as she moved from front view to profile.

But Irina’s winning trenchcoat was amazing, and when you consider how many ’40s inspired looks we’re seeing right now and balance that with the fact that this season was shot a year ago? Fashion forward indeed!

Shirin must be more annoying than you or I can ever imagine with her nonstop babbledy twitter. I really wondered who would come up with paper mache for their newspaper, but that’s the crafty Mommy in me coming through.

Is it wrong that I’m glad Johnny got auf’ed? I loved his original origami look, I didn’t understand Tim’s critique in the workroom because I really liked it so much that I winced watching him wad it up and toss it in the trash can. So… why exactly did Johnny lie to the world that it was ruined by a steaming iron? Did he forget cameras were pointed at him every minute, capturing not only his temper tantrum of throwing the dress away, as well as his time spent on crossword puzzles? And, did your eyes pop like mine at Tim’s outburst at the end about Johnny’s statements?

Nicolas, Nicolas, Nicolas… I hope you go home next week. Your punk silly frock wasn’t enough to balance out the smack you talk.

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PR stars riffing it

Ready for another time suckage? Click it… if you dare.

At least I’m giving you fair warning, which is more than fellow Bravo Whore kitchener gave me when she sprung this web find on us. (And get ready to rewatch the Springhill Suites commericial until you can recite it).

Christian Siriano starts us off, and how charming is he? He was made for TV, I swear. He even speaks in sound bites.

Then, it’s Tim Gunn, Heidi Klum, Michael Kors and Nina Garcia who sit down with Newsweek editors Ramin Setoodeh and Jessica Bennett for this mammoth interview.

I watched it all, but I’m that way. Nothing new or surprising — Nina loves her heels, Tim has no love interest in his life, Michael swears by aviator sunglasses, and Heidi dresses her children in Speedos when at the beach, just to give you a taste of it all.

Project Runway’s preggers challenge

A maternity challenge, I was actually psyched! And my excitement paled as I watched the designers tying fake bellies onto their dress forms, and withered into nothingness by the time they tied the bellies on the models.

Here’s the deal, (almost) none of those dresses would actually fit a real pregnant person because more than just your stomach expands. Hello? Your boobs (which some thought of), your arms (which no one thought of). As I was complaining about this fact to my husband, he added, “And your ass turns metamorphs into a zeppelin!”

Which made me laugh for about a minute straight before I recovered and beat him for this heartless (and firsthand) observation.

 Shirin deserved the win, because hers was actually quite nice. The detailed gathering over the tummy was just exquisite! The lining of the jacket was perfection. Loved the whole outfit, kudos girl. You’re becoming my favorite already.

Malvin, Malvin, Malvin… there is not one woman on the planet who thinks to herself, while hugely pregnant no less, “I feel like a mother hen. I think I’d like my legs to look like chicken legs!” Maybe, maybe you would have gotten by with knee-length harem pants, but even that wasn’t going to save the sling you designed for the top. Your saving grace would have been to make the sling a supportive element, since the belly bands they sell for pregnant woman to hold up their bellies are hugely successful.

But, here’s the big difference, the belly bands are worn under the clothing.  And did even ONE designer include something supportive like the belly band in their works? (And without hugeass, oversized shorts… I’m looking at you, Marshall). I gained 80 pounds with my second pregnancy, while on bedrest, and those shorts still wouldn’t have fit me… even on delivery day. Think about it.

So much potential… sighs.

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Project Runway’s Return

It’s back! After months of courtroom drama, the real drama is back on the catwalk and in the workroom, where it belongs.

The new season at Lifetime Network, not Bravo (in case you’ve been under a rock and didn’t know), looks spectacular. And is it just me, or does it seem every competition reality show starts the same — come and see your beautiful new apartment that costs a few dollars less than a Bentley, and everyone is full of smiles and encouragement when interacting with their fellow contestants in the workroom, like kids making nicey-nice on their first day of school. But in a few short weeks, this goodwill deteriorates into tears and frustration… I’m rubbing my hands in anticipation, can you tell?

 But seeing Tim Gunn makes my day. Watching Michael Kors, Nina Garcia and Heidi Klum dishing from their directors’ chairs? A long-time-no-see TV moment, no doubt.

 Lindsay Lohan as the guest judge is a yawn in my book, but LLo (except for Mean Girls) doesn’t float my boat.

And a red carpet challenge to open the season with, how fun is THAT? I restrained myself from clapping with glee. The soccer ball halter deserved elimination, hideous. Hated it. And someone tell Ari that ripping off the Dune idea of a bodysuit that purifies water isn’t edgy, it’s actually kinda lame.

Not that the see-through nightie was much better, but I can’t count how many times I’ve seen big-time designers send sheer tops (with no brawr, right Jill Zarin?) down the runway in the past and thought, “Who exactly would throw on a pencil skirt and bring their bewbies out to lunch?”

Loved the winning dress, and with it being a mini-dress, you knew Heidi (aka Short, Shiny and Tiny) was gonna love it. A safe, but pretty, gown.

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Leanne Marshall Women on Bluefly

Shout out to juniorgoddess for this find, it slipped under my radar. Leanne Marshall, 2008 Project Runway Season 5 winner, debuted her line on Bluefly, and has changed her clothing line’s name from Leannimal (which reminded me of Garanimals, from the ’70s) to Leanne Marshall Women.

Her signature petals are in full force, I see.

Leanne Marshall Women This is nice. Until I see the price tag, gulp. $275, really?

Leanne Marshall Women And this I love, not that I have many occasions to wear such a dress, but even if I was spending $990 on a dress? I’m not sure I’d want this so much after all.

Leanne Marshall WomenThese twolea4 make me seriously wonder exactly what cup size this look is flattering for? If you’re anything besides an A, these may not work out so well.

Leanne Marshall Women And I wish this one was about $100 off, because I do think it’s really cute.

Still, it’s always interesting to see what the previous winning designers are currently busy doing.  Even if it doesn’t fall in my typical price range.

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Launch My Line, Bravo tries again

So, the first season of the Fashion Show is over, and reviews are mixed.

 But Bravo anticipated this, they must have, because despite the September 16th start date, they’ve already started the PR machine for Launch My Line, their latest attempt to fill the gaping wound Project Runway left behind.

 The premise? Ten established fashion designers pair off with ten celebrities, er, “successful businesspeople,” yearning to express their love for fashion design by starting their own line.  The winning professional will have their clothing line launched and their expert designer, who helped them along way, will receive $50,000.

I’m seeing lots of cat fights to keep the producers happy. 
 Now let’s meet the hosts, twins Dean and Dan Caten, who are known for their clothing line, Dsquared2. The Canadians have been part of the fashion industry since the 80s, featuring men’s collections that combine their passion for fashion, as well as music and theater. In the past, the duo have popped up on America’s Next Top Model, so I guess their camera tests were good enough to land them as hosts. 

And now, the judges. Stefani Greenfield spent time with DKNY Jeans, as well as ESPRIT, before launching her own business, SCOOP, known for mixing high and low fashion. Lisa Kline is our other judge, she opened her own L.A. boutique in ’95 and is known for her celebrity following, as well as her stylist skills for the A-listers.

I hope it’s a good show; regardless, you know I’ll be dishing on it here.

And in the meantime, is it August 20th yet? I’m having serious PR withdrawals.

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Jay McCarroll and his sunglasses

 Season One Project Runway winner Jay McCarroll was known throughout the season for his flamboyant style which included his choice in eyewear, especially his sunglasses which have become a regular signature to his ever-evolving look.

If you haven’t popped by his website, the colony, you might wanna check out what the designer has been up to of late. Personally, I love his line of sunglasses he offers. Logo-less, brand-free, and every style is just $22. At that price, you can have as many styles as the designer himself!

 “Style 93” (shown here in green) remind me a lot of some of Balenciaga’s more recent sunglasses silhouettes, and are certainly a more friendly price tag. Also in White, Black and Burnt.

 “Big O” are really yummy and summery in white,  I think they’re so cute. Also available in Black.

 “Chromatic Moo” allows a bit of Jay’s humor to find expression here, but as an owner of pants made of cow-print jersey, I think the fashion joke is a fun one. Other colors include Heidi Gold (named for the show’s spokesmodel perhaps?), Chromatic Silver, and Chromatic Wild (think ‘leopard print’).

 “Style 52” looks really sharp in red, with the two toned look. This style in the color “Mix” looks like tortoise shell, and color “Transparent” resembles other designers’ frame color known as “Smoke.”

 “Style 74” rounds out the collection and reminds me of some of Dior’s recent looks. Besides Black, you can also land this one in Red, and White.

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