Leanne Marshall Women on Bluefly

Shout out to juniorgoddess for this find, it slipped under my radar. Leanne Marshall, 2008 Project Runway Season 5 winner, debuted her line on Bluefly, and has changed her clothing line’s name from Leannimal (which reminded me of Garanimals, from the ’70s) to Leanne Marshall Women.

Her signature petals are in full force, I see.

Leanne Marshall Women This is nice. Until I see the price tag, gulp. $275, really?

Leanne Marshall Women And this I love, not that I have many occasions to wear such a dress, but even if I was spending $990 on a dress? I’m not sure I’d want this so much after all.

Leanne Marshall WomenThese twolea4 make me seriously wonder exactly what cup size this look is flattering for? If you’re anything besides an A, these may not work out so well.

Leanne Marshall Women And I wish this one was about $100 off, because I do think it’s really cute.

Still, it’s always interesting to see what the previous winning designers are currently busy doing.  Even if it doesn’t fall in my typical price range.

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