The traveling ho scarf

Isn’t this the coolest scarf?

I love it. I wish you could hold it in your hands, and hear the stories it tells. Every square of this scarf was knit by another pair of Bravo Whores’ hands, in our traveling scarf project. The Bravo Whores is a subforum on the website (dedicated to knitting, crocheting, and spinning fiber) and we began this project in 2008. My scarf didn’t come home again until 2010, and over a dozen wonderful women made it happen. And, it was worth the wait.

It’s unique, it’s amazing, it is personal and it is fashionable. Each of us in the group chose the colors we liked best, but otherwise the yarns and designs were selected by each knitter to add their voice to the scarf.

And although the Bravo Whores didn’t plan it this way, I think it’s interesting that the scarves vaguely resemble the scarves that Project Runway Season One Winner, Jay McCarroll, used for his final runway show that season (below, far left).

Now is the time to say it loud, say it proud, “All hail the Bravo Whores!”

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