The Fashion Show on Bravo

Did you see the premiere last week?

After last year’s inaugural season, I had some mixed feelings about how successful I expected the show to be the second time around. But they’ve revamped the format just enough — and they brought in Iman to replace Kelly Rowland… I mean really, it’s Iman!!! — to make me curious.

After watching last week, I love what they’ve done! Instead of individual designers always competing against each other (a la Project Runway) they’ve split the contestants into two “fashion houses” to compete against each other (a la Red Kitchen and Blue Kitchen in Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen, another fave of mine). Losing team means one contestant goes home.

My immediate favorite to win, and the same one who won the opening challenge, was Cesar. Kinda loved his point of view. First love-to-hate award goes to the pretentious Calvin, although his line, “Oh no, here go hell come,” was so tweetworthy, I considered pausing the DVR and grabbing the laptop (but didn’t).

So November this year means no Project Runway and no Rachel Zoe, but we do have the Fashion Show. Kinda psyched for tomorrow, are you?

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