Italiano all the way

I have a handbag obsession. I rationalize it as the most effective form of therapy, but the truth is I just love bags. While there are designers whose visions of handbags have sent me over the moon, I have also had amazing luck by changing up my bag shopping ways: I’m shopping Italiano.

Not Gucci (but I adore Gucci) and not Pucci (love you too, Emilio). Instead, I’ve been on the lookout for “no-name” Italian designers whose work shows up on ebay for so ridiculously cheap, you can pick up a bag often for less than a price of a pizza! The allure of quality materials, stitchwork and hardware at such reasonable prices can drive me into a drool-inducing hours of window shopping via computer.

One lovely designer is Marino Orlandi, whose vision includes alot of bucket bags, but I was fond of this red, lovely crossbody who showed up in my life awhile ago for only $10. I love the crocodile imprint on the leather, and the Kelly-style silhouette is a classic that keeps me interested, no matter the season. I’ve paired this with a purple sweater, dark jeans and black knee high boots in winter and loved the red-purple pop.

One trick to searching ebay is to use generic terms such as “Italian leather” or “soft leather” as your keywords, that’s how I found this red lovely. If you’re open to new designers, and the possibility of some amazing quality leathers, you’d be surprised what this kind of keyword search can yield. Now sort your list by lowest price, and you’ll find the uber bargains right on top.

And don’t forget to click the box to “search descriptions” too. This alone can help you find lots of items that fall through the cracks, and therefore often don’t get bid against.

“Italian leather” keyword searching was exactly how I found my summer crush by Italian bag designer Cecconi Piero. Isn’t this pretty? It’s velvety soft, glove leather and just puddles when you set it down.

It all started on a vacation to Colorado in June when a painted leather bag caught my eye in a store window, but the $170 price tag kept me from nabbing it on the spot. But it haunted me, as only a collector can be haunted. However, when I saw this painted leather beauty by Cecconi Piero on ebay? I knew I’d found my replacement. This was only $40 and although it’s from a season ago, it’s in nearly pristine condition. On Piero’s website, his handbags average 260 Euros (roughly $360+) so I was particularly proud of my shopping prowess.

Here’s another trick to finding great ebay bargains: check for misspellings. For example, the Cecconi Piero logo looks like “Ceoni” Piero to the untrained eye. As a result, many bags get listed under this typo, and also do not get bid against because of it.

…And, it has ladybugs! Ladybugs have been my theme since the beginning of summer, when I began doing ladybug totem meditations, so seeing them here on my bag pleases me greatly!

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tPF 4evr

This is perhaps the most brainless blog entry ever, but if by some chance you love purses and handbags, and you don’t know about this website, then today’s blog is for you.


The Purse Forum, aka “tPF” as it’s abbreviated amongst users as well as ebay listings, is hands down the best forum and resource for handbag devotees, like me. They have many subforums set up for the devotional love you have for your brand of choice (be that a premier brand like Hermes, Chanel or Louis Vuitton, or the more affordable designers such as Coach, Kooba, Ignes and *so* many more).

And the authentication advice at this website is worth more than words can say. I have seen so many people helped out by the expert advice of collectors and professionals, and so many thousands of dollars saved from buying fakes and counterfeits, be that from online sources or from consignment finds.

And as if it weren’t enough to have purses to the end of the day, they’ve got lots of subforums just for fun — the Beauty Bar, the Glass Slipper, Arts and Crafts, the Jewelry Box… more than I can even begin to list, and with tens of thousands of members, you can be sure there is so much material to peruse, you’ll be back daily just to hang out and indulge in your handbag cravings with others who understand and share your compulsion (like… me! Yes, I have been a tPFer since August 2008).

I might be a forum junkie, being a writer and all, but you should also be sure to check out tPF’s sister websites, The Purse Blog  and The Purse Blog Savvy, not to mention the fun to be had over at Bag That Style   where the celebrity bag watching opportunities are full on.

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Handbags on sale today

Here are a few items to tempt you, they all went on sale just today (looks like Zappos is moving some inventory out). Are you tempted? If you nab one, be sure to comment so we can share in your victory!

MICHAEL Michael Kors Astor Small Chain Shoulder 20% off

MICHAEL Michael Kors Astor Small Chain Shoulder
Store: Zappos
Price: $161.60 (was $202.00)

MICHAEL Michael Kors Jamesport Large Zip Top Satchel 20% off

MICHAEL Michael Kors Jamesport Large Zip Top Satchel
Store: Zappos
Price: $321.60 (was $402.00)

Anne Klein New York Greenwich Satchel Frame 46% off

Anne Klein New York Greenwich Satchel Frame
Store: Zappos
Price: $159.00 (was $299.00)

MICHAEL Michael Kors Large Chain Shoulder Tote 20% off

MICHAEL Michael Kors Large Chain Shoulder Tote
Store: Zappos
Price: $321.60 (was $402.00)

MICHAEL Michael Kors Large Chain Satchel 20% off

MICHAEL Michael Kors Large Chain Satchel
Store: Zappos
Price: $305.60 (was $382.00)

UBER DEAL ALERT~! $1000 off

Costume National 22ZB618 07522 67% off

Costume National 22ZB618 07522
Store: Zappos
Price: $483.14 (was $1,482.00)

UBER DEAL #2… LOVE this color blue, great for fall!

Costume National 21ZB624-07445 53% off

Costume National 21ZB624-07445
Store: Zappos
Price: $678.09 (was $1,467.00)

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