The sparkly tinsel hair saga continues

Well, I’m not the only one who loves glitter hair, and neither is Adrienne Maloof. It’s been the number one search phrase for my blog since putting up the previous entries, and since I haven’t quit playing with my sparkly hair, I figured it was time to talk some tinsel.

A week had passed, and all of my tinsel had nearly fallen out when hubby turned to me, while cooking breakfast for the boys together one Saturday morning, reached to pick at my scalp while saying, “You have something in your hair…oh! You did that, didn’t you?” He said he loved the tinsel, thought is was cute, and so I immediately tied in a headful more of tinsel strands. Attention whore, who me?

So here’s a few tricks I’ve picked up in the past few weeks while wearing tinsel…

I’m better at tying them in now, practice practice practice, but in general it helps to tie the tinsel to a few hairs, think 6-8 strands, rather than small chunks of hair of 30ish strands. The ones I tied to larger chunks of hair fell out twice as fast.

Washing with tinsel is no issue at all. I usually towel dry and then air dry, but I’ve found it’s better to finger-comb wet hair and use a boar bristle brush for removing tangles in dry hair. When you brush your hair, place one hand on your scalp while brushing. This helps hold the tinsel strands from being pulled out quickly.

And they do fall out quickly. They fall out when I brush, when I style my hair (which for me is minimal, I don’t use blow dryers or curling/flat irons). They fall out when I sleep, a lot. So get used to tying in a few strands every day in order to maintain your tinsel look. If I have time after doing my makeup, I usually tie in more tinsel then.

And if you know me, and you want tinsel for yourself? Call me, darlings… or drop me an email. I can help!

Hopefully I’ll try to take pictures soon to share as well. The holographic silver is what I’m wearing today — I like the bright stuff for the festive holidays — but the copper is pretty, subtle but still very noticable.

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Hair tinsel update

Glittery locks I had wished for? And glittery locks I received. The package came very quickly, and by Monday of this week I was tying tinsel into my hair.

As for the process of doing it yourself? Tricky, not impossible, but not easy. But I’m challenged by French braiding my hair. I found that I could tie about 4-5 glitter strands in a day before my arms felt like they would fall off from holding them up for so long. Tie one, take a break, come back during baby’s nap, tie 2, take another break.

I started with the coppery brown because it’s closest to my hair color, but also enough of a holographic pop that it was hugely noticable, to me. 

And then, I waited for someone else to notice. And I waited. And I waited. Tuesday came, still no one I live with noticed the tinsel. In fairness, I don’t see my guys (hubby and DS1) a lot in a day. Three strands fell out, one during sleeping and two during hair brushing. I tied them back in during baby’s nap again.

And another day passed, and another. Same cycle. Tinsel strands fall out at an average of 3 a day, and I tie in about 4 a day to maintain the look. It’s time consuming, by this point, and the novelty had worn off. The arm fatigue during the tying-in process had not.

A full work week, and no one — NO ONE — has mentioned the tinsel to me. Now I don’t go out a lot, just mostly Mommy errands like picking up kids from school, and such. But not only did the boys in my house not notice, neither did anyone else.

Maybe they were being nice and not saying anything because the tinsel looked ridiculous on a 40-something? Maybe I should dye my hair blue, like my good old 20-something days, and see if anyone notices? These are the same men who didn’t notice a new facial piercing until I mentioned it myself, a week after the fact. Perhaps if I had used the silver disco ball tinsel it would have garnered more attention?

Sigh… well, it was fun. For me. And now the arm fatigue is keeping me from doing more right now, so I have 2 random strands left in my hair, and don’t plan on adding any more. They do make brushing and combing your hair a little tricky.

And I’m still waiting for the Cilia eyelash growth stimulator to arrive. At least the hair tinsel people have superfast delivery.

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Longer lashes and glittery locks

…that’s what I want for Christmas.

I just spent some early Christmas gift money for myself this week, check it out.

I’m a Real Housewives uber-fan, and the Beverly Hills franchise might have edged out NY as my favorite. Cast member Adrienne Maloof was chastised by Isaac Mizrahi on Watch What Happens for the glitter strands she wears in her hair. I left this picture here large (click on it) because if you look closely, you can see some of her gold tinsel.

Well! I happily confess that the glitter-loving, faery-believing side of me thinks the strands are gorgeous and I want some. She claims you need to go to the Palms to get them done, but guess what? Even us girls in the sticks can put glitter in our hair, all by ourselves, for cheap.

I found this website that sells the professional grade hair tinsel and even includes how-to pages, with videos, to show you how to do it yourself. I figure I knit, I crochet… I make friendship bracelets, and I’ve done hair wraps… I can do this! So, I ordered the Disco Ball Silver (1st on the left) and the Copper (2nd to last on right, above). I’ll let you know how it goes.

And as for lashes, I’ve been curious about Latisse, but the $120-a-month price tag sends me away. Orange County Real Housewife Vicki Gunvalson start tweeting about a product she’s endorsing, Cilea Eyelash Growth Stimulator. Frankly, it sounds too good to be true. Results in 2 weeks, even more in 4 weeks. All natural. No prescription needed. No side effects. Money back guaranteed. It was the last part that made me decide to indulge myself and order some… that and the “Vicki” promo code that gets you 20% off.

I’ll be checking the mailbox religiously all next week!

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