Galliano, Galliano, Galliano

I’ve got a crush, and I’ve got it bad.

John Galliano… Gall-i-ahhhh-no. Here he is, channeling his inner Fabio.

 And he’s so beautiful.

 My fashion crush began with the Rachel Zoe episode where Rach and Brad go to Paris. The John Galliano fashion show, remember it? With the snow, and the models emerging from the light tunnel created with laser lights?

 And those wicked shoes?  

 (Which he’s kinda known for).

Ok, here’s my attempt to be studious and informative: He was born in Gibraltar in 1960, his father is Spanish, but he moved to London and is considered a British designer. He’s noted for his avant garde designs which translate into street-saavy pieces to be worn by normal people too. He’s been awarded all kinds of accolades from the industry.

 He’s been criticized for his designs being too antiquated, but I love his mix of history and modernity.

In 1995, he was lead designer at Givenchy. And in ’97, when Dior was bought by LVMH, Bernard Arnault offered Galliano the House of Dior, giving the phrase “Dior’s New Look” an entirely new meaning.

 He considers Charlize Theron as his muse. (But that’s only because he’s never met me).

 History meets absurdity, meets luxury, meets theatricality. Love love love!

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