Gel nails are driving me to distraction

I started this blog because I get quasi-obsessed about fashion and beauty topics on a regular basis, and blogging is therapeutic. We’ve seen it happen… red LED skin care, chem peels, not to mention what happens when leopard print or red plaid cravings hit me in the closet.

Today? Gel nails. Spent hours obsessing on it after Google-ing last night. It’s a natural extension to my desire to have long lasting manicures, despite being an active Mommy. Remember my Minx nails obsession that never came to be?

Gel manicures are the latest (and shellac is *so* 2010).  More substantial than nail polish, yet less troublesome (and stinky) to apply than acryllics. The youtube videos explain it better…

A lot of steps though, no? As usual, my thrifty nature has me seeking to do it myself.

A typical gel manicure costs $40 and lasts two weeks. A typical gel kit from Sally Beauty Supply is $40, but is good for “50 manicures.” Oh, did we forget to mention you’ll need the special UV light to cure the gel? That’s another $50. Not so cheap either.

Now what? EBAY! (Of course, this is Alissa, people). On Ebay, UV nail lights are closer to $20 (there are cheaper, but I only buy inside the US), and gel kits are also available at about half the price of standard retail.

We’re so post-Christmas broke right now that I’ll have to delay gratification on this matter, but if it keeps my interest I’ll likely pick up supplies for my DIY at home experiment. I’ll keep you posted!

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