Another “butt ugly” purse

Our beloved Bravo ho dolittle spotted this lovely while out doing what hos do best (no, not that… I meant shopping!)

This lovely was found hanging on the rack at TJ Maxx and can be hanging on your shoulder for only $99. As dolittle remarked, it does indeed look like “an animal wearing buttless chaps.” Click the pic to get the link to the designer, although her other works simply don’t compare to this stunning example.

Does it come with a shovel for picking up after it?

I can smell the farm just looking at it.

That is one hot mess…. (Discuss!)

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OMG… really?

I can’t help but bring this one to the blog, it’s straight from’s blog today and it’s quite possibly the worst example of a purse I’ve ever seen. Seriously….


Do you think they were thinking about what they created, or did this just happen by some horrendous, Freudian accident?

…Can you imagine what it would have looked like if they had added fringe?

…What if they followed the trend for studs this fall? Maybe it would have looked like a purse with a pierced -ahem- girly part?

To quote the Zoe-inator, “I…, Die!”

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