Celebrity Birkin sightings, H-Alert!

  Cruising through bagthatstyle.com’s site today, I saw this random celeb sighting of Rachel Zoe and her black Birkin, and thought to do a quick “Birkin” search to see which celebrities were sighted carrying their Hermes out and about this summer. (The Zoe photo is actually from their archives, hence the fur coat, but love the look!)

  The first entry for my search is a scorching number from July 27th on the blogger’s dislike of Denise Richards, and her questioning whether Hermes is doing the right thing by allowing just any celebrity to be “allowed” to carry this bag. After all, they have a brand reputation to protect. My jaw dropped while reading this blog, but the blogger admitted her views are a bit tainted against -ahem- husband stealers. Ouch….

 July 16th saw a Hilary Duff Birkin sighting, carrying a bag she’s been spotted in more than once. The black Birkin with gold hardware is a classic, after all.

But, beyond a shadow of a doubt, the best recent Birkin sighting from their website goes to… Marc Jacobs, head designer at Louis Vuitton (natch).

 Is it the Birkin, or the skirt, that keeps drawing my eye the most?

He’s done this before, in black ….  

 And it wouldn’t be a day in Hermes land without mentioning Victoria Beckham, seen on May 29th carrying this one-of-a-kind 50 centimeter travel Kelly bag in white.

She kinda looks like she’s ready to tip over, but maybe it’s just the jealousy talking. Victoria Beckham and her 50 cm Kelly

 Do you think her elbow hurts? })