Video a go go at

Are you ready for a time suckage? Seriously, go here with an hour of time to kill, or just bookmark it until such a moment arrives.

This is mind-candy addicting for me.

 I started with a video on make up tips to deal with under-eye circles (click the pics to watch).

 Then I was loving this one for mixing your own avocado hair mask. (How cute is she?)

 I love waves and found how to create “mermaid waves” with a flat iron (huh… maybe I should rethink my ban on hair styling implements that involve heat + crushing?)

 Leopard print nails? Maybe…. Maybe not.

 A whole series of makeup tips for chemo patients (what a most excellent idea!)

 Celeb-inspired looks (think Megan Fox videos by the half dozen, and then everybody else). I think this look actually channels Kim Kardashian’s signature style with the smoky lined eyes and nude gloss lip.

Makeup and hair styling videos until the cows come home. Enough to kill more than an hour browsing.

I found myself pleasantly surprised by the tips I already knew, as well as the ones I learned by watching.  Way too addicting unless you’ve got the time to kill though. Consider yourself warned.

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