Launch My Line, Bravo tries again

So, the first season of the Fashion Show is over, and reviews are mixed.

 But Bravo anticipated this, they must have, because despite the September 16th start date, they’ve already started the PR machine for Launch My Line, their latest attempt to fill the gaping wound Project Runway left behind.

 The premise? Ten established fashion designers pair off with ten celebrities, er, “successful businesspeople,” yearning to express their love for fashion design by starting their own line.  The winning professional will have their clothing line launched and their expert designer, who helped them along way, will receive $50,000.

I’m seeing lots of cat fights to keep the producers happy. 
 Now let’s meet the hosts, twins Dean and Dan Caten, who are known for their clothing line, Dsquared2. The Canadians have been part of the fashion industry since the 80s, featuring men’s collections that combine their passion for fashion, as well as music and theater. In the past, the duo have popped up on America’s Next Top Model, so I guess their camera tests were good enough to land them as hosts. 

And now, the judges. Stefani Greenfield spent time with DKNY Jeans, as well as ESPRIT, before launching her own business, SCOOP, known for mixing high and low fashion. Lisa Kline is our other judge, she opened her own L.A. boutique in ’95 and is known for her celebrity following, as well as her stylist skills for the A-listers.

I hope it’s a good show; regardless, you know I’ll be dishing on it here.

And in the meantime, is it August 20th yet? I’m having serious PR withdrawals.

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