Cilea’s story continues and results pics

Well, it’s turned into a soap opera, hasn’t it?

I dropped my tube of Cilea eyelash growth stimulator, and broke it, but managed to save some in the bottom of the tube, so I’m still using my meager, broken leftovers. Because guess why? I think this stuff is really working.

Here is a picture from last month of my lashes after one week of Cilea usage, taken outside, natural light, no makeup on.

And here is a picture after 3-4 weeks of usage, taken inside because it was freezing out this month, and the flash went off, but with no makeup still.

So it seems that my observational assessment of my lashes being slightly longer is actually true! And I have to admit, I was surprised to see how much the density and number of lashes has really improved. And the flash made them look very glossy, no?

Lastly, here is a picture taken today, after 5 weeks of daily usage, outside with no flash and no makeup either. When compared to the first photo, also outside, I think you can see the best before-and-after example.

And here’s one last anecdote…

On the suggestion of Bravo Ho mom2cagc, I called the company last week to tell them about the tragedy of my broken Cilea tube. The lady I spoke to sent an email *to the company’s president* about the issue to find out what he wanted to do.

Turns out, the pres instructed her to sell me another tube at about a 40% discount from regular retail price. Which I do appreciate, and I have to admit, I was surprised to have the customer sales rep call me back (I didn’t hound them!) personally.

Cilea’s grade just went way up: B-. I would mark them higher, but I wish I could have sent my broken tube to the company for an exchange, instead of having to wait to save up the money and buy the replacement tube.

But, you decide for yourself! What do you think, is it in my head or do you see a difference too?

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Cilea sadness

It’s nearly been 4 weeks since I began using this non-prescription eyelash growth stimulator. And although the results have not blown me away, I will grudgingly admit that my eyelashes are about a millimeter or 2 longer. How can I tell? I’ve been using the non-scientific method of looking under my eyes, and visually measuring the gap where my lashes end and my eyebrow begins.

But that’s not why I’m sad.

I’m sad because last night I accidentally dropped the Cilea tube and it shattered upon impact with my bathroom tile floor. I may be able to use the stuff for another week or so before the last drop dries out, now that it’s no longer contained.

I’d insert curse words to demonstrate how strongly I really feel about this, but I try to keep my blogs to a PG-13 rating.

However, Cilea is now officially a waste of my money. If a tube can’t take being dropped *once* on a tile floor what kind of product quality control is that?

Grade: D+. You passed, Cilea, but only because your product produces meager results instead of completely wasting my time and money. Overall impression, not worth your investment. Not even if Vicki Gunvalson gives you a discount code.

And a note to potential Cilea customers: Use while standing on carpet floors only. Trust me.

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Cilea eyelash growth stimulator… 2 weeks

Vicki Gunvalson, Real Housewife of Orange County, tweeted about her new product she’s endorsing, and I decided to grab some with Christmas cash. It took a long time to arrive, about 11 days, but finally it showed up, so I’ll be reviewing it here for you, dear reader.

I’ve been using it twice a day for two weeks now, and so far I can’t see any results. The product hype says results in 2 weeks, more in 4… I’ll keep at it and reserve my final judgment. And it comes with a 60 day money back guarantee, so I intend to hold them to that if I don’t see something for my investment. I’m taking before-and-after comparison pictures as well, so I’ll be sure to post those by 4 weeks into regular usage as well.

The product is easy to use, I just swipe it over my upper lids, and sometimes my lower lids, without much carefulness. It doesn’t burn or in any way discomfort the eyelid, or your eye if it gets into it, so it’s easy to just swipe and be done with it. I use it as my first part of my makeup ritual, while I’m applying SPF lotion for the day. By the time it dries, you’re ready for your foundation and regular makeup.

The tube feels generous in your hands, not wimpy and flimsy, and it seems like there is a lot of product inside, especially since you’re using so little of it at a time. I just hope it actually works.

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