Christian Siriano: having a moment

Project Runway’s Golden Child, Christian Siriano is grabbing some Bravo air time once again.

His one-hour, one-off show hangs its plot line on a behind-the-scenes look at Siriano putting together his Spring 2010 show, while launching his book, last Fall. Maybe a part of me wanted to be over the whole Siriano thing, but whenever he’s on camera, he’s naturally engaging. And I can’t help but find his story compelling.

Not to mention, his collections speak for themselves. Which is to say, his talent speaks for itself.

The obligatory Tori Spelling sighting, complete with her side boobs, is included. And, we get a peak at Fashion’s Night Out, from Siriano’s insanely-busy-schedule point of view.

The climax is the chaos of watching the backstage drama play out before the models hit the runway. Kinda sad to watch the Payless shoes breaking so badly right at runway time. Split zippers, broken bits and sewing models into their shoes 1 minute before hitting the catwalk? I guess I’m not so sorry I missed out on grabbing a pair after all.

But the show itself was so cohesive and his point of view as a designer is already so prevalent in his collections. It makes me excited to see where he will continue to grow.

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Siriano, PR’s Golden Child

I have to give it up to Christian Siriano.

He has thoughtfully cultivated his mere 15 minutes of fame from winning Project Runway in 2008 into a burgeoning career, nearly two years later. What other PR winner can boast of this kind of longevity? Is it too soon to call him a household name? 

I’ve been meaning to take time to talk about PR’s Golden Child for months now, but every time I consider it… he’s already on to the next thing.

His Payless deal we’ve covered, his Victoria’s Secret makeup deal as well. Yes, he showed his Spring 2010 collection for NY’s Fashion Week, while releasing his first book, Fierce Style.

 He’s even landed the highly coveted spot on Oprah to show off his new collection, and the gowns are delicious. Lots of “structure, with movement” from the tiny petals, generous folds and gathered draping of luxurious fabrics that create the ultimate “fantasy” experience, by the designer’s vision.

 This one is striking, featuring a print Siriano describes as his creation born from the inspiration he gained from the Amalfi coast. The skirt billows in waves as she walks, an effect that he thoughtfully created with crinoline.

 But this one is my favorite, and Siriano describes it as using the volcanic inspiration of Pompeii in its design. The structure, silhouette and print? Love love love!

 He’s designed a card for Starbucks and he’s designing a gown for Heidi Klum, according to his Twitter tweets.

And by the time I hit “Publish” for this blog, he will have already inked another deal… yes, he is that damn hot as a commodity for the current consumer market. You go, boy!

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Siriano for Payless MIA now?

The drama never ends, did they run out of stock that quickly? Now, if you click the links given in our previous blogs, you get an error page regarding the inventory no longer being available.

And more PR has spun the mythic date of September 8th as the new target date for his line to launch online, and in stores.

Am I the only one going… huh?

Maybe they’ll put together more than the four measly, previous looks to try to get a proper launch going this time? More booties, please?

At this point, I’m just curious what will really come of it all. It’s gotta be good; Payless shucked out the advertising bucks for the full page in September’s Fall Fashion issue of Vogue. Which, by the way, says is available online and in stores right now.


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Siriano for Payless, redux

Color me disappointed.

First, the buzz is the Christian Siriano shoewear line will hit Payless stores in August. At the beginning of the month, I visit one of the smaller stores in our town and ask about the Siriano line. The salesgirl shrugs, “Designers only get sent to the mall locations, or not at all. Try online.”

M’kay. Checking online every week  through August and still I find nothing until….

Eagerly, I click and what do I find to my dismay?

Four styles of shoes, four measly styles that are loosely based on the runway show shoes that Siriano debuted in February ’09. Very loosely, if you ask me.

 The Strut Pump, $34.99

The Sandstrap Peep Toe, $34.99

 Also available in shiny black, $34.99

 And the Slither Boot, $49.99.

Oh sure, more styles are supposed to be added but given this preview of what’s to come…? I’m just not feelin’ it.

What do you think?

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Christian Siriano’s working it

Who’s the fiercest of them all?

Christian Siriano is taking advantage of the momentum after his win as 2008 Season 4 Project Runway’s top designer, landing endorsements and signing joint ventures while his ticket is hot. You gotta give it up to PR’s Golden Child, he is working his fingers to the bone to remain in the public eye. I will say this… his product lines are meant for the average person’s income, a fact I greatly appreciate.

 First, there’s his makeup line, “Christian Siriano for Victoria’s Secret.” Yup, makeup. But makeup walks the runway, so high five on getting Heidi Klum to put in a good word. It’s all about who you know, right? Due out in August, the line will feature five shades of eye shadow ($14 each); three lip gloss shades ($14 each); black eyeliner ($12); a bronzer-highlighter trio ($24); a face brush ($32); and a ruffled cosmetics bag ($16).

  And then there’s that Tori Spelling thing… watchers of Tori & Dean’s reality TV show recently saw Tori and Christian gushing over their love for each other while working the red carpet. Christian said he wants to use Tori’s HSN jewelry for his runway show (or is it “shows,” as in plural?)  I say they’re made for each other, it takes a media hound to know a media hound. Grab that celebrity train! No official word yet on when these two might complete their fashion hookup.

 Siriano’s year began with a scrumptious deal with Payless Shoes, inked in December ’08 and hitting stores in August ’09. Siriano said his love of Egyptology inspired him while designing the line, which has a recession-friendly price point of $25-$45. As of today, there’s no match for “Siriano” on Payless’ website, but check back often. It can be hard to find designers’ lines at Payless’ retail locations, so online shopping may be the ticket (I know, you can’t try them on first… suck it up, darlings.)

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