Camo trending

 This is me, telling the world I told you so. Because I cannot help but gloat, just a wee bit, to see this yesterday in my email.

I really love it when I ride the trend, just BEFORE it becomes a trend.

Camo is officially “in.”

You heard it here first!

Although the red & blue camo stuff Victoria’s Secret came up with isn’t rocking my boat. I prefer a washed out, authentic looking cami in traditional jungle, or even a desert, color palette.

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A print from hubby’s dresser drawer

I guess it’s the cabin fever, but I’m already looking ahead, past the 8″ of snow, and into the sunny future. Here’s one item that sparked a warm weather print obsession for me, I literally can’t stop thinking of new ways to wear this.

…Because I never thought I’d ever really fall for camoflauge print, or “cami” as it’s called in our house. My hubby, former Marine, wears it regularly. My sons both love cami. It’s one pattern I see plenty of, and yet? This XCVI brand, full-length skirt stole my heart, why? I don’t know.

The fabric is silky smooth, and the ruched panels add a delicacy to the masculinity of the print — I do like to play with blending masculine and feminine in my wardrobe. And I can’t seem to get away for long from my love of a long hem, be that a maxi dress, or a skirt like this.

First, I imagined myself in my black camisole, black & chunky Candies sandals, and my bright yellow Choo purse. Or my black ankle booties, a white wife beater, and a black purse. Then, I imagined my thin yellow tshirt over a white camisole, and yellow wedges with a white purse.

And that’s about the point that the beauty of cami finally hit me. It can be worn with nearly any color, not just a “jungle palette,” and you can make it work. I guess I’m channeling my inner Gwen Stefani (circa 1994).

It’s the only camoflauge I’ve got in the closet for me (so far) but I have to admit to loving it, for some odd reason, right now. Urban chic? Military street wear? Not usually my cuppa. Curious, I looked up more info on the designer.

Here’s a quote from the XCVI website, “Itching to expand her horizons beyond theater direction and acting, Gita Zeltzer began conceptualizing XCVI in the mid 1990s. She was influenced by the multi-layered cultural element of Los Angeles, California, and she saw the “urban chaos” as a muse. …It was in 1996 (or XCVI, in roman numerals) that Gita introduced the first season of XCVI from a storefront on the famed Melrose Avenue.”

Well, I do love to find new designers. For now, I’ll stick with just a hint of cami in the closet. (Although, I was daydreaming today of a harem pant/drawstring capri in cami. Something I could wear to show off my calves and high heels? Pair it with a halter style top?)

When I can’t stop thinking about it, that tells me something.

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