Conflict drives the plot, RZP2 finale

There’s a golden rule I was taught in college regarding creative writing… “Conflict drives the plot.” Makes sense, right? After all, it’s War and Peace, not just Peace.

 And, in my sometimes-humble opinion, I think dear Taylor Jacobson has been seriously set up by the producers and the editors of the show. Keep your producer sense turned on high and you can pretty much tell Taylor was being asked leading questions (“What do you like least about your job? Are you happy with where you are at in your career?”) to set up her long tirade of answers for every episode.

 And truthfully, I have so been there, Taylor. Ok no, I wasn’t working for the most overexposed stylist on the planet, but I once was a late 20 something, working for years at my library job with diligence and never a chance of being promoted, stuck on the vocational treadmill.

But really, I give it up to your parents, especially your dad who sees the big picture. Working with Rachel is an opportunity thousands of girls and women would DIE for (ahem), and in this economy you are blessed to *have* a job! You’re already in the passenger seat, and you’d be crazy to jump off the RZ train now that it’s picked up so much speed, which you are obviously smart enough to realize on your own since you’re still with Rach, as of today anyhow.

 So instead, I laugh at the amount of conflict the producers managed to squeeze from Taylor’s malaise and turn into an entire season’s worth of episodes. And how touching is it that Rodger is now on board (and rightly so, voice of reason that he will be. But isn’t it kinda bad luck to work with your spouse?) And the last image we see is our quirky, dysfunctionally fabulous family sitting around the table, together (minus Joey, Marisa, and Jordan).

Doesn’t really matter though, I’ll be crossing my fingers the show gets picked up for another season so we can all hopefully wait and see.

P.S. Check out Rachel’s line at! Debut was this past weekend, and things sell out so jump on it, if you like it! I’ve already grabbed a pair of sunglasses with her new logo, just as I envisioned them last summer, months before the debut. Another “you heard it here first” for you, my dears.

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Dear Taylor, Love Paris RZP2

Dear Taylor,

Just wanted to drop you a line while here in Paris to catch you up with everything you’re missing, since we left you back in L.A. to deal with our cranky, bicoastal clients.

Our Four Seasons hotel suite is a-MAZ-ing, but I was so sad you weren’t there to unpack all my luggage 😦 . Seriously, our digs are *nothing* compared to the private viewing we got today of Coco Chanel’s 31 Rue Cambon personal salon. The mirrored staircase, the chandelier! You really missed out on that once in a lifetime opportunity! I think Brad put it best, “On another level!” So eloquent, so profound. And I totally sprawled on her couch with my shoes on, and then I tried on her personal sunglasses after they gifted me a Chanel jacket.

Besides the Chanel show, which as Brad mentioned during his call, it was like you *so* could have attended, *if* you were here, since there was that creepy empty seat beside him and everything! But besides that, which was ah-mazing, you missed seeing me try to talk Giambattista Valli out of a feather jacket, chat with Joe Zee at the Stella McCartney show, inappropriately paw at the models’ shoes while milling about backstage after John Galliano’s show, and speak in alphabet soup nonstop to avoid any translation issues. OMG, the trip is OOC & I M OAL, KWIM?

The good news is I got you an unbelievable piece of Hermes jewelry, here’s a little hint… think croc dog collars! We toasted champagne wishes to you from the hotel while you were in the midst of your mid 20 something, existential panic attack. See you real soon!


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‘Pin thin’ press on RZP2

I wish I could sit down to a cuppa with Rachel to discuss photo journalism. Bad press is an opportunity; this is the episode’s ‘like it or not’ metamessage. No, you will not control what the press have to say, Rach… but maybe they’re not as offbase or as blood thirsty as you think.

Let’s start with Rachel’s weight. When your spine prominently shows through your back, it’s not a healthy look. When the press calls her ‘pin thin,’ Rach has a meltdown over it. Well, who really feels comfortable having their body discussed by the world? (Except Megan Fox, but let’s not go there).

Undeniably, Rachel is selling her own image, and the public sees this image and has an opinion. To change the storyline of the photos, you need to change the image. Gain a little muscle, and the story about you will change. Because honestly, the image of ‘pin thin and pissed off’ makes Rachel seem defiant to her public, possibly covering up something more sinister with displays of anger, and perhaps even in need of an intervention, with a cheeseburger and shake on hand.

And that’s not because we hate you, Rach! It’s because we love you, and we’re the American Public. We want happy endings and rainbows. And a healthy body.

Then there’s Rachel’s perception of the “Nicole Ritchie paparazzi feeding frenzy.” Truth is, the public knows the vague storyline that once Rachel and Nicole were friends, and then they weren’t. Reason why? Unknown. That’s a key element to keeping gossip alive and well.

So when the photogs see you two cozying up to each other, that’s a photo journalism opportunity… that’s a picture with a story! “Look everyone, they’re friends again, see?” And it’s a story the public is curious about, which makes it a very salable commodity. So of course the paps were excited. Their job is to find pictures that tell stories about people who the public wants to hear more about.

Changing gears, I had to laugh when they showed Rodger talking to their new online consultant… remember, dear readers, how Alissa said over the summer that obviously Rachel had recently hired someone to take on her blog and other online duties? Mmmm?

And while patting myself on the back, let’s not leave without discussing Natalia Vodianova in that silver Herve Leger dress. I gasped when I saw her in that dress, I really did.

And that’s why she makes the big bucks selling clothes, right kittens?

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Brad goes to the Oscars, RZP2

After a long day with Crankosaurus Rex, the teething & toddling scream-o-saur, there’s nothing like having some Rachel Zoe Project to end the day with.

 We start with Rachel getting her first look at the Armani Prive trains she requested for Anne Hathaway’s dress. I had this feeling train #2 would be the one she liked after last week’s “To Be Continued” cliff hanger ending, but it was my BFF Autumn who pegged that Anne Hathaway would end up walking the red carpet without it. (And that’s without looking it up, folks!) Beautiful creation, wasn’t it, with all the beading? Not my favorite clutch, but we do see Rachel having that one set aside for her to chose from in this episode. 

Liv Tyler’s cameo made me want to call my dentist about getting some more bleach for my teeth. Maybe I’ll just go to instead. I’ll let you know.

And the show ends with Brad getting choked up about going to be Anne’s dresser at the Oscars. How cute was that? Was Taylor seething with jealousy and spouting sour grapes from the couch? Mmmmm??

And btw… bonus gossip round for you, dear readers, did you catch that flame war between Bethenny Franckel and Rachel Zoe on Tuesday? As Andy Cohen tweeted, “Girls girls your BOTH PRETTY! Daddy loves you both very much!”

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So much good fashion TV right now, it’s enough to inspire one to crawl into bed with the remote, a pint of Haagen Daaz, and wish you could disappear for a few days.

Rachel Zoe Project, Season Two. No, you can’t escape the hype. Yes, I really am going there (even though her show debuted a few days ago).  I love this show, and not only because I *DIE* while watching Rachel and her Birkins, or even some of Taylor’s handbag choices (last season she favored her Chanel Cerf tote most often, but this year she’s already established her black Balenciaga Day bag, with the giant silver hardware, as her go-to look).

Although I was *really* having a moment during Taylor’s scene when she’s wearing her Balenciaga with her buckles-and-black-leather bootie Louboutins. The rocker style she has got down in spades, and I can only seethe with envy. Such beautiful red soles, so pretty, so pretty….

And there’s Brad Goreski as well, who is cute as a button (I think). Bringin’ back the bow tie.

The tempest in a tea cup of changing the Chanel dress, and waiting for Karl Lagerfeld’s approval or disdain, is one drama I loved. I’m a Chanel freak, so just indulge me here. And while I agreed that the dress did look more appropriate for a red carpet without the cap sleeve, I think the cutout accent over the left breast lost some of it’s design impact once the counterbalancing cap sleeve was gone. Still!

My favorite celebrity look Rachel put together for the show was Eva Mendes’, with the white Dior dress and the *stunning* turquoise choker necklace. OMG… words fail me. The color against the white just popped and I loved it.

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Rachel Zoe’s new doings

Rachel’s been busy! The world’s most overexposed stylist is amping up for her second season of Rachel Zoe Project, with a Bravo start date of August 24th. And, of course that’s not all, she’s been reaching into her pool of  contacts for a computer programmer to start her own shopping blog, The Zoe Report, which promises fashion finds that only the inimitable RZ can suggest.

  So she’s finalized her logo, I see. That will be important for her branding efforts (the RZ will fit nicely on the arms of her line of sunglasses, when will those hit the stores? I imagine we will find out in her blog, once they’re done at the manufacturers).

 I do like how the Zoe-ster includes “Parallel Universe” finds for those of us who aren’t pulling in the salaries of her A-listers. Today’s entry, “Rock like an Egyptian,” features Anita Ko’s glam-rock pyramid jewelry. However trendy and interesting Ko’s pieces are, at $3600 for a bracelet I know I won’t be running out to grab one right away.

 But Rach has got our back, and the “Parallel Universe” blurb at the bottom of her blogs finds similar items at a pricetag most of us can actually afford. This pyramid ring at is a mere $33, now we’re talking!

The Zoe Report is brand new with only a  few entries so far, so jump in and sign up if you love the Zoe-inator. I have to admit, she’s grown on me a lot in the past year. I’m on her blog update list, so I’ll be tuning in.

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