Rachel! Rachel! Rachel!

I’ve been watching Rachel Zoe super blitz her publicity circuit for tonight’s season opening of The Rachel Zoe Project, hitting Good Morning America first this morning, and I’m so excited for the new season to begin. Watching Rachel’s journey from last season’s trepidation over becoming a mother, and how that could possibly negatively impact her career, are followed up by this season’s storyline of Rachel’s pregnancy and delivery of their first child, Skyler Morrison. Add to this the start of her first high end clothing collection, separate from her QVC line, and her typical stylist duties creating red carpet celebrity moments, and I’m excited to see Rachel triumph over her fears and become more of the woman she is meant to be.

Teasers on Regis & Kelly included footage of Rachel feeling less than happy about the methodology of Brad’s behavior post-departure. There hasn’t been much buzz, good or bad, in the press from either Zoe or Brad’s camp, with both making neutral remarks in previous interviews. I remember reading a blurb where Brad told press he sent a mountain of Hermes toys for Skyler as presents. Which makes me wonder, what did Rachel do with those toys? Donate them to Goodwill? Can you imagine… browsing a Goodwill bin and finding some Hermes items sitting there? But I digress….

Geez, it’s been a long 13 months.

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“It’s the mooost wonderful tiiiime of the year…”

August might be my favorite month of TV. All good things return in August, including my Rachel Zoe, and of course Project Runway just started last week. It’s like all my dormant fashion genes get reactivated and suddenly my mind is swimming in the notion of finding wild prints to mix and silhouettes to explore.

It’s always too early to find a favorite on Project Runway when there are so many designers they barely fit on the runway. But Bert’s humor and his standout boxer short/dress made him memorable for week one. And I’m curious to see what Anja, the Miss Universe contestant who professes to only 4 months of sewing skills, can do. According to her, this week was her first attempt at making pants, and the judges loved them. Will her beginner’s luck run out, or is there a genuine wizard in the making we’re seeing?

Oh, blessed August… that special time of year that brings me back to life, and couture dreams dance through my head like sugarplums while I mix and match items from my wardrobe, and scour ebay for incredible deals. Oh blessed Rachel Zoe, who is pregnant like a Madonna this season and assuredly the most delightfully absurdly in love with fashion now that she has her own line to express herself with. I will reserve my opinion of her Brad-placement until I get a better look but my first impression was… meh. But, did I mention Rach is preggers?

This is the time of the year that I claim back some of my estrogen and force the boys and men whom I cohabitate with to learn words like “color palette” and “Irish linen,” while enduring runway look, after look, after blessed look.

And then, just a few weeks away from now, it finally arrives… the September issue. The culmination point of a year of ad campaigns and runway trends. The issue whose weight leaves dents in your legs as you page through it. Truly, there is much to be grateful for, my friends.

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Is Rach preggers?

Wha- wha- what? It was chasingbunnies, the Bravo Ho knitter with the celebrity radar set on kill, who spotted this…

Rachel Zoe is pregnant?

Or is it all just spin control?

Everyone’s talking about it, regardless.

I sent her a Mazel Tov tweet on the chance the rumor is true. If it is, I pray that she was in a position to release this information voluntarily, since these things can sometimes leak earlier than a family is ready to discuss. At three months along, with the first trimester behind her, some celebrity moms do decide to come forward with the news at that point in their pregnancy.

I would love to hear Rachel and Rodger are ready to expand the familia, most wonderful news if it is indeed the truth. No official word from the Zoe Camp seems to have been released at this time. Let’s not forget today is Brad’s last official day in the company as well. Perhaps a new chapter in her life is just beginning?

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Brad and Rachel split

It’s all over the news today… Brad Goreski is leaving Rachel Zoe Inc.!

Was it an amicable break up?

Or was it brutal?

And what will Brad do next?

If I could send a 23 year old clone of myself to L.A. and beat down Rachel’s doors, I’d do it!

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Rachel Zoe finale underwhelming

I’m so depressed by that fizzle of a season finale for the Rachel Zoe Project that I don’t have anything happy to say about it.

Brad? Glad you heard yourself and your bad attitude, because I’ve been thinking you sound more and more like Taylor each episode. Three years seems to be the breaking point… Taylor’s malaise began at her 3 year mark. Now it’s Brad’s turn.

Rodger? Go get a job that doesn’t involve your wife and hire someone to do whatever it is that you do for her company. It’s your only hope of saving your sanity, and perhaps your marriage. Then you won’t be doing stupid things like sitting in cars outside client’s homes and waiting for her, or flying to New York City to accompany her to a Met Ball, which you aren’t even invited to, and pouting.

Rachel, Rachel, Rachel…. I find it sad that you can’t get past “how can I stop my life for 9 months to carry a baby” when the real question is, “How can I stop my life for 18 years while I raise a child?” The pregnancy is the easy part. Any time I see someone making life decisions based off fear and fear alone makes me sad. Her fear of miscarriage is paralyzing her.

However, let’s not forget Coco Chanel didn’t have children. Rachel is no Coco, but the analogy of a woman in the business of fashion still applies. Rachel’s invested 15 years of her life (by her estimation) building her business, that’s a lot to feel like you’re walking away from in order to become a mother. Diane von Furstenberg had 2 kids, but often quips she had a business and children, but didn’t have room for a husband. And doesn’t this point to a greater choice that every woman potentially faces in their own life? You and I may not be picking Oscar gowns, but we have faced the challenge of balancing work, family and marriage in our lives.

So, this season’s conflict boils down to this: Rodger wants a baby, and always really thought that he and his wife would have one, and Rachel doesn’t want a baby because she never really thought that she and her husband would have one.

Sad. This season leaves me sad. Sad for a couple who have serious problems in their marriage. Sad for Rachel, because giving up all that she’s worked to achieve would be petrifying to me too. I think I’m even sad for Brad, all burnt out at his job and “over it.” Come to think of it, I’m sad for Ashley the poor intern who got the sack for getting sick during Oscars.

I has a sad….

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Rachel’s hunt for Oscar gowns, RZP3

Pros of this week’s episode:

  • Oscar de la Renta’s runway show, and backstage cameo interview appearance
  • Seeing Brian Atwood… and exactly why hasn’t he designed a shoe for me (yet)?
  • Seeing Rachel circa 1998 on her honeymoon, before blonde hair, with normal makeup, and chubby cheeked
  • The silver beaded Marchesa gown, with the gorgeous bow on the single shoulder, that closed the episode. This one made my heart flutter. Will Camaron wear it, or will Demi? Will it even show up on time?

Cons of this week’s episode:

  • Rodger fondling “intimacy kits” at the lingerie store with his sister-in-law in attendance
  • Brad mentioning Taylor… again and again and again and again and again
  • Rachel’s baby angst with her big sister. We get it already. Producers, please advance the plot, or quit belaboring the point. And yes, Rachel… having a child will change your priorities, but it’s not like you don’t have the resources to hire childcare assistance

Mehs of this week’s episode:

  • Michael Kors’ runway show and Rachel’s struggle to arrive on time, to anything, ever
  • The white Derek Lam gown that Brad went gaga over for Camaron Diaz’s potential Oscar gown, which never worked out anyhow
  • Rachel styling her QVC show… zzzzzzz
  • Rachel’s self-bought anniversary gift of rosegold handcuffs (but Rodger’s Rachel Zoe Barbie doll surprise gift redeemed the moment) 
  • Demi Moore’s cameo at the Donna Karan show
  • The white Calvin Klein shearling coat that Rachel considering absconding with
  • The entire Marc Jacobs show… “it’s theater?” Meh.

Next week… more Marchesa madness while Zoe’s in Milan. This week seemed to slow down the pace of the series, but the excess of runway footage made it worth the watch.

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Hustling for Naomi… err, Haiti

I kinda hate Naomi Campbell. People who conduct their lives with an air of supreme entitlement bug me. I want to knock them off their high freakin’ horses, it’s just my nature. Having said that, I grudgingly admit the chick pulls together some high-minded, idealistic fundraiser events that send resources to places and people who need it, and that’s where Rachel Zoe comes in for this week’s episode.

The Fashion for Relief Haiti runway show couldn’t have been more inconveniently scheduled with only 3 days to organize and produce, and hitting smack dab in the middle of February’s Fall Fashion Week. And then there’s the U.K. version of the Haiti Relief runway show, scheduled on the same weekend as a trans-Atlantic event, which is grand in concept but fails in practice, due to the shows having to compete with each other for designers’ donated looks, as mentioned. Why? Why schedule them this way, if no other reason than to show off? Let’s not forget Mother Nature’s influence during this event as well, since the blizzard certainly complicated matters considerably.

But with Naomi Campbell, like most divas, it’s not so much how it gets done, it’s just the fact that it will get done, and done exactly when and how they demand it. So, as they say in our house, poop rolls downhill. Naomi gets pissed at Rachel. Rachel dumps the blame on Brad.

Result? Brad dumps on his friends in one of the most contrived and unnatural scenes in the entire episode. After seating himself around a group of anonymous people that we the viewers don’t know and don’t care about, Brad opens a conversation to himself in the guise of sharing his woes. He is met with the unsympathetic sound of crickets chirping, which causes him to burst into spontaneous soliloquy. Simply the most painful and useless 2 minutes which do nothing to advance the plot, and slows down the entire show’s momentum. 

The death of Lee Alexander McQueen is mentioned, and the five McQueen commemorative looks as an homage at the end of the runway show were quite a moving tribute (did you see the tears in the models’ eyes?) but hearing Rachel discuss her grief while looking at one of his stilettos? Superfluous.

In other news, Gwen Stefani’s brief appearance seemed strained, a bit unnatural in front of the RZP cameras, which is shocking considering her megastardom. I would have liked more of her and of L.A.M.B. Other notable cameos include Diane von Furstenberg, walking the fund raiser’s runway. Wasn’t she adorable? Love her.

Best thing about this week’s episode… no one discussed “the Taylor situation.” Since 2 months have passed since Taylor’s leaving and the filming during Fashion Week, let’s hope they’ve dropped it for the rest of the season in favor of building baby anticipation.

P.S. Did you die over Rachel’s Chanel? Because I did.

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Changes in the Zoe Camp, RZP S8 premiere

Well, kudos to the producers for stacking the episode with a ton of content! Immediately we get right to the heart of the Taylor Jacobson matter, who was summarily dismissed from the company after Rodger’s accusations of financial misdealings. Rachel’s word was “betrayal,” and Brad Goreski was promoted immediately within the Zoe hierarchy. And he rejoiced. Rachel wore her Hermes cuff and waved it around often, and I rejoiced.

Then they interviewed for the new intern position, which montages quickly, thank goodness. Suffice to say, many of her applicants seemed woefully inept. Oh, to have a 23 year old clone of myself to send off and live an alternate life.

Demi Moore’s Harper photo shoot was full of red and glittery Louboutins, white mice and Chanel, and Alexander McQueen’s armadillo shoes on a spiral staircase to nowhere on an empty beach… with a giraffe. Of course. I enjoyed Demi’s presence on camera as herself, she came off as unpretentious, unlike Rachel who was carried down the hill due to her impractical 6 inch heels for a beach shoot. But it was Brad who tripped over himself to do a good job with Demi, running around and pulling zillions of pieces for all of her looks. Sigh… to paw through such racks!

I could have done without the scenes of vitriolic displays of anger whenever Taylor’s name continued to be discussed, although I forgive the producers for exploiting Rachel’s emotional pain. This isn’t over yet, but I kinda wish we could forget about it, as the viewer, and move on.

The Chanel scene? I have no words. How much those items cost? I can only imagine. Gorgeous? Beyond measure. Let’s not forget why I watch this show.

And how cute was it that they’re teasing us with future scenes of Rodger and Rachel discussing pregnancy and making a baby? Awwwww! I would love to see Rachel have a family, but realistically, I can only imagine what her schedule is like. But, I bet you she could do it… what with the nanny for work hours, and such. Think they’re gonna spin a future season of RZP with a Bethenny’s Getting Married? pregnancy theme?

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The Zoe is coming, and PR starts this week!

After a long dry spell here on the blog, at last my favorite tv season returns… beginning with The Rachel Zoe Project’s Season 3. Hooray!

In an interview with InStyle magazine, Rachel lets out the fact that Taylor’s leaving was “a betrayal,” and by the series’ premiere, we the viewers will be able to watch and decide for ourselves. I expect Brad has comfortably stepped into Taylor’s absent spot to take a larger role in the company. Also, it will be interesting to see how Rodger has adjusted to actively working within the company as well.

Not to be forgotten is the imminent return of Project Runway, which starts on Lifetime this week and has been expanded from 60 minutes to 90 (I hope that means more camera time for everyone’s favorite mentor, Tim Gunn). I see Heidi has a new haircut to show off as well. Looks cute on her but resembles the Hilary Clinton Helmet Head too much for my taste.

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Taylor leaves Rachel Zoe Inc.

News flash! Taylor Jacobson has left (or perhaps was fired?)  from Rachel Zoe Inc. I’m a few days behind on this, and didn’t discover the news until one of my Bravo Hos mentioned it first — shout out to chasingbunnies for her hunting skills.

 Whether she left of her own accord or if Rachel fired her “blessed jewel” is uncertain, and varies in different reports. Jacobson spent all last season discussing her vocational malaise with the cameras rolling, so it’s no surprise to discover she’s flown the Camp Zoe nest, but it does beg the question of exactly who will replace Taylor’s position within the company.

For this dedicated RZP viewer, it has me hoping the show will still be picked up for another season, with or without the platinum bundle of discontent. And what’s next for Tay Tay? I do wish her well, she has wonderful taste and clearly does love fashion, so go out there and use it or lose it, Taylor.

Somehow, I don’t think she’ll be pounding the streets in her Louboutins looking for a job for very long. Her work ethic was incredible, even on the days when her personality was less-than-sunny.

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