PR stars riffing it

Ready for another time suckage? Click it… if you dare.

At least I’m giving you fair warning, which is more than fellow Bravo Whore kitchener gave me when she sprung this web find on us. (And get ready to rewatch the Springhill Suites commericial until you can recite it).

Christian Siriano starts us off, and how charming is he? He was made for TV, I swear. He even speaks in sound bites.

Then, it’s Tim Gunn, Heidi Klum, Michael Kors and Nina Garcia who sit down with Newsweek editors Ramin Setoodeh and Jessica Bennett for this mammoth interview.

I watched it all, but I’m that way. Nothing new or surprising — Nina loves her heels, Tim has no love interest in his life, Michael swears by aviator sunglasses, and Heidi dresses her children in Speedos when at the beach, just to give you a taste of it all.

Project Runway’s preggers challenge

A maternity challenge, I was actually psyched! And my excitement paled as I watched the designers tying fake bellies onto their dress forms, and withered into nothingness by the time they tied the bellies on the models.

Here’s the deal, (almost) none of those dresses would actually fit a real pregnant person because more than just your stomach expands. Hello? Your boobs (which some thought of), your arms (which no one thought of). As I was complaining about this fact to my husband, he added, “And your ass turns metamorphs into a zeppelin!”

Which made me laugh for about a minute straight before I recovered and beat him for this heartless (and firsthand) observation.

 Shirin deserved the win, because hers was actually quite nice. The detailed gathering over the tummy was just exquisite! The lining of the jacket was perfection. Loved the whole outfit, kudos girl. You’re becoming my favorite already.

Malvin, Malvin, Malvin… there is not one woman on the planet who thinks to herself, while hugely pregnant no less, “I feel like a mother hen. I think I’d like my legs to look like chicken legs!” Maybe, maybe you would have gotten by with knee-length harem pants, but even that wasn’t going to save the sling you designed for the top. Your saving grace would have been to make the sling a supportive element, since the belly bands they sell for pregnant woman to hold up their bellies are hugely successful.

But, here’s the big difference, the belly bands are worn under the clothing.  And did even ONE designer include something supportive like the belly band in their works? (And without hugeass, oversized shorts… I’m looking at you, Marshall). I gained 80 pounds with my second pregnancy, while on bedrest, and those shorts still wouldn’t have fit me… even on delivery day. Think about it.

So much potential… sighs.

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Project Runway’s Return

It’s back! After months of courtroom drama, the real drama is back on the catwalk and in the workroom, where it belongs.

The new season at Lifetime Network, not Bravo (in case you’ve been under a rock and didn’t know), looks spectacular. And is it just me, or does it seem every competition reality show starts the same — come and see your beautiful new apartment that costs a few dollars less than a Bentley, and everyone is full of smiles and encouragement when interacting with their fellow contestants in the workroom, like kids making nicey-nice on their first day of school. But in a few short weeks, this goodwill deteriorates into tears and frustration… I’m rubbing my hands in anticipation, can you tell?

 But seeing Tim Gunn makes my day. Watching Michael Kors, Nina Garcia and Heidi Klum dishing from their directors’ chairs? A long-time-no-see TV moment, no doubt.

 Lindsay Lohan as the guest judge is a yawn in my book, but LLo (except for Mean Girls) doesn’t float my boat.

And a red carpet challenge to open the season with, how fun is THAT? I restrained myself from clapping with glee. The soccer ball halter deserved elimination, hideous. Hated it. And someone tell Ari that ripping off the Dune idea of a bodysuit that purifies water isn’t edgy, it’s actually kinda lame.

Not that the see-through nightie was much better, but I can’t count how many times I’ve seen big-time designers send sheer tops (with no brawr, right Jill Zarin?) down the runway in the past and thought, “Who exactly would throw on a pencil skirt and bring their bewbies out to lunch?”

Loved the winning dress, and with it being a mini-dress, you knew Heidi (aka Short, Shiny and Tiny) was gonna love it. A safe, but pretty, gown.

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