“It’s the mooost wonderful tiiiime of the year…”

August might be my favorite month of TV. All good things return in August, including my Rachel Zoe, and of course Project Runway just started last week. It’s like all my dormant fashion genes get reactivated and suddenly my mind is swimming in the notion of finding wild prints to mix and silhouettes to explore.

It’s always too early to find a favorite on Project Runway when there are so many designers they barely fit on the runway. But Bert’s humor and his standout boxer short/dress made him memorable for week one. And I’m curious to see what Anja, the Miss Universe contestant who professes to only 4 months of sewing skills, can do. According to her, this week was her first attempt at making pants, and the judges loved them. Will her beginner’s luck run out, or is there a genuine wizard in the making we’re seeing?

Oh, blessed August… that special time of year that brings me back to life, and couture dreams dance through my head like sugarplums while I mix and match items from my wardrobe, and scour ebay for incredible deals. Oh blessed Rachel Zoe, who is pregnant like a Madonna this season and assuredly the most delightfully absurdly in love with fashion now that she has her own line to express herself with. I will reserve my opinion of her Brad-placement until I get a better look but my first impression was… meh. But, did I mention Rach is preggers?

This is the time of the year that I claim back some of my estrogen and force the boys and men whom I cohabitate with to learn words like “color palette” and “Irish linen,” while enduring runway look, after look, after blessed look.

And then, just a few weeks away from now, it finally arrives… the September issue. The culmination point of a year of ad campaigns and runway trends. The issue whose weight leaves dents in your legs as you page through it. Truly, there is much to be grateful for, my friends.

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Project Runway finale… well?

I’ve been slow to blog about much of anything with Project Runway since this season began. It became clear, with all his wins, that Mondo would be the certain winner, but the real story (I felt) was which two would accompany him.

And then? And then, Gretchen won. And Heidi and Jessica & Nina and Madame Kors argued voraciously, and tweets were twittered, and vlog’s appeared, like Tim’s…

…which makes you wonder if Tim has pushed it to the point of being fired (would they dare?) from the show for speaking his truth.

But I agreed that Gretchen’s collection had a cohesive feel, it was in keeping with the collection she had made all season (wearable separates with a distinctly granola feel). But Chloe’s hippy chic has been in keeping for decades, and I even mentioned that someone like Gretchen would do well to intern next at Diane von Furstenberg. She has the eye for prints (although I know many a ho that hated Gretchen’s tastes) and she plays with unusual hemlines, and necklines, which is also very much in keeping with a lot of DVF. Diane could polish Gretchen’s rough edges.

And Mondo? Mondo has a vision, for certain, but his collection was the kissing cousin to Seth Aaron’s from last season. Neon color, oversize graphic prints, tons of plaid, all the same earmarks as Seth Aaron’s. So while Mondo’s talent is beyond dispute, I think he would flourish under the guidance of Betsey Johnson (did ya see her cameo? so cute, love me some Betsey).

And Mondo would KILL it at Heatherette.

Lastly, there’s Andy. His draping was gorgeous, but why the judges gave him a pass on the most monotone color story I’ve seen (sea foam, anyone?) but crucified Michael C. for the same issue? Don’t get it. Just don’t.

The big boy bloggers are feeling pretty “over it” about PR. I agree, it would be nice to drop so many 1 day challenges, and focus on something more design oriented again.

But I will keep watching. (Shrug) Addict.

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No, but there is a Gretchen in “team”

What’s Project Runway’s answer to the cosmic, need-a-new-idea production question, “What’s worse than two designers working together and bitching at each other?” Why, SIX designers working together to create a cohesive collection, ego stroking each other throughout last night’s episode, at least until the lights came up and the judges were present.

And God forbid if you’re with Gretchen’s team, because guess what? Here comes the bus. When Tim called her out at the end of the show in a verbal dressing-down that would have left anyone feeling about 2 inches tall… I died. Jaw open, knitting down, died.  I almost felt bad for her, both being in the bottom two, and then Tim’s pronouncement after the judges’ harsh critique… because she had really put herself on a high pedestal. It musta hurt to hit bottom like that. What she does next will show her character to the viewers. And while we’re on the topic, let’s lose the see-through shirts with bra tops, and no more dancing in Mood.

And who doesn’t love a comeback, eh? Way to go Casanova, that outfit was gorgeous. I wanted it, I did. But the pouting and waiting for your model-turned-angel inspiration to kick in before returning to the work room was just a wee bit diva, don’t ya think? And what’s up with them pixie shoes? Michael C., pull back on the everybody-hates-me. Please? We get it, they don’t respect you, but enough is enough.

Other than that, the collections left me feeling flat, and that was a disappointment, because my Fall inspiration has been camel (got a blog in progress for it!) so I had high hopes there for Team Luxe. I’m also getting into military, as a theme for some wardrobe pieces, so Team Military Lace piqued my interest, and yet…. Sigh.

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No Project Runway? Whaaaa?

Imagine my dismay when I came home last night after ballet class, settled down with my tea and my knitting nearby if I had any energy left, picked up my remote, started last night’s episode of Project Runway… and after 2 minutes, the program shut off.

“Whaaa?” I cry out in dismay. My husband mumbles something about a rain storm that could have knocked out our satellite while slaying minions on his computer game. A hurried search shows the episode isn’t set to repeat until late next week.

This is me, heaving a heavy sigh. It’s just not fair, I tell ya.

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Project Runway: the pole dancer in Dubai?

It’s been crazy busy, but I had to take a moment to write about the Project Runway premiere. Where to even start?

I didn’t mind watching the designers battle it out in their final “audition” and certainly the 5 hour deadline was a bit extreme and created a great deal of conflict to drive the plot.

It’s always hard to get a feel for the individuals’ personalities early on, but right away Casanova takes the eccentricity award. How sad was it to watch his Dolce & Gabbana pants getting destroyed for this challenge? However his “pole dancer in Dubai” outfit was beyond “beach chic.” I agreed with Tim, it was vulgar. And he gets an F for time management skills — not having your model dressed when everyone’s lining up to walk? Seriously not okay. I half expected him to be voted auf.

As a knitter, I was excited to hear about Michael’s work and am hoping we might see him work more knitwear into his looks. Time constraints aside, it was surprising to see the gamut of entries from this season’s contestants.

I fully expected the bowler-hatted Jason to be sent home, if for no reason beyond the fact that he sent a dress with staples down the catwalk. It’s not like Michael Kors didn’t notice, he mentioned what he thought were pins, and yet they still gave this guy the green light? And how original is it to just turn a kimono backwards anyhow?

However, the lack of originality award would have to go to Ivy for making a pair of pants out of a pair of pants. I disagreed (as usual) with the judges about her top though, I liked the shredded and deconstucted look. However, interrupting Nina Garcia and backtalking Michael Kors is never a good idea. But I don’t mean deconstructed like April’s hideous inside-out nightmare, which I REALLY expected to be sent home.

Gretchen’s win blew me off my chair because I thought her look was very matronly and not exciting in the least. My choice for the win would have been Kristin’s look, the kilt that became a collar. I’m probably betraying my own style, but I dig cowls and thought her look was modern, chic and extremely wearable. I liked Peach’s dress too, but thought it looked like 1000 other dresses I’ve seen on the hundreds of racks for the past 10 years.

And who got auffed? McKell? And that’s it, no one else?? Yes, the fuchsia tote was a horrible styling choice, but I didn’t think her dress was that bad. I do think the metal epaulettes would have added a design element that the dress needed. Tim talked her out of using them, but I actually liked the way it pulled the metallic in the skirt’s fabric up into the top half of the dress.

So, what did we learn today? The girl with the weirdest hairstyle in any reality competition (almost) never wins.

p.s. Rachel Zoe starts tomorrow! Hooray, hooray happy fashion TV day!

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Project Runway… Seth Aaron sweeps it

Well, I was glad to see my favorite contestant won. But honestly, none of the final collections really blew me away. They were all very commercial, and even (dare I say it) pedestrian — Emilio, I’m looking at you.

…And Seth Aaron’s hair was really weirding me out. The combed down over the ears thing?

I do think Seth Aaron has a niche to carve for himself in the fashion business, but I think I’m PR jaded. I just keep expecting “the next Christian” to come along — someone with talent, personality, a strong fashion viewpoint, and snarky sound bytes till the cows come home — but there’s only one Christian.

Sigh. There’s always next season… I guess.

I wish Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style would come back. Gretta Monahan I can do without, but it would be nice to see Tim getting more air time once again.

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Project Runway finale season 7

The PR finale is this week… I’ve been watching, despite my ennui, have you? Let’s check out who’s showing at the tents.

Up first for Bryant Park: Emilio Sosa, a.k.a. Ego Boy. Here’s the deal… I think his work is usually quite amazing, but his attitude sucketh. And his “graffiti” print? I agree with Mila, it was a Louis Vuitton/Stephen Sprouse ripoff. But for some reason, the judges gave it the thumbs-up anyhow. Let’s not forget, he’s had some failures this season too… Malibu Bolts and Washers Barbie, for example. If Emilio wins, at least he’ll have the ego it takes to succeed in the fashion industry.

And let’s look at Monochrome Mila Hermanovski, since she landed in the finale as the Wild Card. Her black and white palette is classic (cough Chanel cough), but she’s worried about the lack of color in her final collection. For me, her silhouettes are a bit space-agey for my tastes, but her work is often impeccably done.

And then there’s Seth Aaron Henderson, whose designs I love. His style is edgy but beautiful, and appeals to women in their 20s as well as women in their 40s. I especially like the pops of color (vibrant red, sunshine yellow) he includes in his pieces, and his use of plaids. Hands down, Seth Aaron is my favorite.

Looking forward to seeing the full collections on the runway this week. Go Seth Aaron!!!

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Project Runway season 7

The new season of Project Runway is about to start this week, and I almost forgot. That should sum up my feelings on the matter, entirely.

Most of the fans that I hear from agree. Last season was so borrrrring, and moving back to NYC for this season may put Tim Gunn in a better mood — Tim was downright *cranky* being forced to live in L.A. and the horror of capris, not to mention subjecting himself to wearing flipflops, even for the beach shoot, which must have been a first. It may also result in Michael Kors and Nina Garcia showing up more often for judging, instead of random celebrities and Marie Claire editors.

But, will it be enough to save the show from the brink of catatonia?

We shall see….

…I sat here another 4 minutes trying to think of more things to say, but honestly? Ennui, baby. ‘Nuff said.

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Gordana was wheeled

Gordana Gehlhausen, the world doesn’t understand you like I do. They wheeled you out of your chance to compete at Bryant Park by critiquing you all season and for what? I still don’t know. 

Let’s look at a few of her creations:

 Her beach challenge, which was in the bottom two. If I’m remembering correctly, this had the amazing back that was macramed, so feminine and yet perfect for a casual beach day.

 The light hit the bubbies kinda funny for this picture, but it’s a gorgeous dress for the Bob Mackie/Christina Aguillera challenge. Sequins were the name of the game, and she used some glitz but tempered it with the soft folds of the chiffon.

Remember the paper dress challenge? Remember her beautiful color wash technique? Was she rewarded for this, of course not. Bottom two.

 And another one of her bottom two looks. WHY? This was the costume challenge, and she created a killer flapper creation with beading to die for. And yet, the judges dissed her for this amazing dress and called her “too safe,” whatever that means.

 And here’s another one that was ignored, but amazing construction with the weaving she did down the center. I would have liked another inch on the hem, but still! GORGEOUS! 

 This look was not one of my favorites, but it won the week of the wedding dress challenge for the divorcee.

 But this grey one I loved, the “amazing necklace” dress, which was stunning and landed in the top 3.

 And her cathedral dress, which got her auf’ed? Stunning! Especially when you discover how much she worked with the fabric to get the rippled “paintbrush strokes” effect. The judges sat there and said it was one of the best in capturing the challenge, and yet? “Auf Wiedersehen.”

If you looked at Gordana’s body of work this season, there’s a lot of grey in her color story. I personally love grey, I think it allows you the freedom to be many different emotions. So why the hell DID Gordana get wheeled out of her chance at Bryant Park? Hopefully because soon she will be there, and it won’t be on the coat tails of PR.

Gordana… we heart you, we admire how far you’ve come in your life, and how much further you will continue to go.

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Paper dresses on Project Runway

This week’s material for our designers to work from didn’t come from Mood… it came from the Los Angeles Times. Newspaper!

The feather dress by Christopher really caught my attention in sketches, but his actual “feathers” reminded me of elementary school cut outs. I honestly thought the judges were going to rip him apart when he was called for the Final Six. Instead, they applauded him and dissed one of my favorites of the show… Gordana’s.

I’m a Gordana fan, I’ll go on record with that. But the judges found her boring – a fashion no no. The color work of Altheeha’s dress was so amazing that I almost wanted her to win again. It reminded me of colorwash quilts I’ve seen, and I just loved how it changed as she moved from front view to profile.

But Irina’s winning trenchcoat was amazing, and when you consider how many ’40s inspired looks we’re seeing right now and balance that with the fact that this season was shot a year ago? Fashion forward indeed!

Shirin must be more annoying than you or I can ever imagine with her nonstop babbledy twitter. I really wondered who would come up with paper mache for their newspaper, but that’s the crafty Mommy in me coming through.

Is it wrong that I’m glad Johnny got auf’ed? I loved his original origami look, I didn’t understand Tim’s critique in the workroom because I really liked it so much that I winced watching him wad it up and toss it in the trash can. So… why exactly did Johnny lie to the world that it was ruined by a steaming iron? Did he forget cameras were pointed at him every minute, capturing not only his temper tantrum of throwing the dress away, as well as his time spent on crossword puzzles? And, did your eyes pop like mine at Tim’s outburst at the end about Johnny’s statements?

Nicolas, Nicolas, Nicolas… I hope you go home next week. Your punk silly frock wasn’t enough to balance out the smack you talk.

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