Tom Ford made me sunnies!

You remember when you were a kid, and you’d find those keychains/bumperstickers/magnets that had your name on it? And you’d search through the rack until you found your name, and then… that thrill when you saw your name there?

Yeah, I never had that. “Alissa” was never there, I dreamed of it though.

I admit, there’s still a little bit of that 8-year-old girl in me who thrills to see something with her name on it. So imagine how I felt when I found out about these…

Gasp! Why, it’s even spelled correctly! No Y, one L, two S’s.

Tom Ford, that darling man, made me some sunglasses! Wasn’t that nice of him?

I’m so delighted! Thank you, Tom! I love them! And, the best part? These beauties retailed for $600. But I live and die by the motto, “Never pay retail.” I nabbed this brand new pair on ebay for over 90% off retail.

SCORE! Here’s how happy I am about them…

A few tips on helping to authenticate your Tom Ford sunnies, if you find a pair that’s intriguing: Get familiar with the model by doing image searches on retail sites that carry the same model you’re shopping for. Read the exact text on the glasses’ inside arms and compare fonts for accuracy. Know which designer details to look for, such as the recessed “Tom Ford” plates at the exterior ends of the arms. And most importantly, make sure the left front lens has “Tom Ford” inscribed, in the correct font, to be sure your pair is authentic. This pair didn’t include these photo details in the ebay ad, but the seller provided more pics to my email upon my request.

Many buyers are too lazy to put in the research but for the intrepid shopper? It’s like hitting the jackpot! Another ebay tip: Set a search for your model and designer name, and be patient. For 5 weeks, every new pair of Alissa’s that were listed on ebay started at a price of $120 and up. When this pair showed up with an opening price in my price range? I stalked it like prey until they landed on my face.

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Never follow trends, even if you do know what they are

According to Anne Slowey’s “Runway Report” column in this month’s Elle magazine, the following trends are still, um, trending: simple elegance, plaids, embrodiery, gothic influences, low slung silhouettes, jacquard prints, American Indian blankets, 70s inspired halters, slim jersey trousers, razor sharp edges, soft shoulders, below-the-knee length skirts, pants, 90s grunge, Depression era prints, shirtdresses, puffers, parkas, capes, fur sleeves, fur-and-collar sleeves, motorcycle jackets, chiffon layering, dots, lace, monasticism, Catholicism, medievalism, cocoons, cigarette stirrup pants, oversize fishnet lacing, and oh yeah… did we mention rococo is having a moment?

Couldn’t we focus a little more, Anne? I mean, I know you’re describing dozens of shows, on either side of the Atlantic, by designers whose aesthetics run the gamit, but trends aren’t worthy of following if we can’t understand them as consumers. And as runway editor, we need you to help us focus a bit more, m’kay?

Just saying….

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The great crochet dress comeback of 2010

The humble crochet dress is having its 15 minutes of fashion fame this Spring.

Here’s a look from Oscar de la Renta’s house this Spring, at Bergdorf Goodman’s. Isn’t that an AMAZING dress? Take it from this double-decade crocheter, that’s not an easy pattern. If I had $4K lying about, I’d nab the ensemble.


And then you open your copy of Vogue, and there’s Madonna eating noodles with her fingers (wtf?) in a black, crochet Dolce & Gabbana number.

Everywhere you look, crocheted dresses… was it Gordana Gehlhausen’s doing? Remember Gordana, my personal favorite from last season of Project Runway? The Rodney Dangerfield of Season 6? And who could forget her mad crocheting skills?


Perhaps not, but she gets to ride this trend as well with her Vogue Knitting spread, expected to appear this Spring. I’ll pick up a copy — I’d like to make the one done in the nude color, it would hide the shelving that you would need to build in, but perhaps tipped with black edging to the skirt hems.

Crocheting sisters, our time has come! We are the champions, my friends.

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