Rachel! Rachel! Rachel!

I’ve been watching Rachel Zoe super blitz her publicity circuit for tonight’s season opening of The Rachel Zoe Project, hitting Good Morning America first this morning, and I’m so excited for the new season to begin. Watching Rachel’s journey from last season’s trepidation over becoming a mother, and how that could possibly negatively impact her career, are followed up by this season’s storyline of Rachel’s pregnancy and delivery of their first child, Skyler Morrison. Add to this the start of her first high end clothing collection, separate from her QVC line, and her typical stylist duties creating red carpet celebrity moments, and I’m excited to see Rachel triumph over her fears and become more of the woman she is meant to be.

Teasers on Regis & Kelly included footage of Rachel feeling less than happy about the methodology of Brad’s behavior post-departure. There hasn’t been much buzz, good or bad, in the press from either Zoe or Brad’s camp, with both making neutral remarks in previous interviews. I remember reading a blurb where Brad told press he sent a mountain of Hermes toys for Skyler as presents. Which makes me wonder, what did Rachel do with those toys? Donate them to Goodwill? Can you imagine… browsing a Goodwill bin and finding some Hermes items sitting there? But I digress….

Geez, it’s been a long 13 months.

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