Cilea’s story continues and results pics

Well, it’s turned into a soap opera, hasn’t it?

I dropped my tube of Cilea eyelash growth stimulator, and broke it, but managed to save some in the bottom of the tube, so I’m still using my meager, broken leftovers. Because guess why? I think this stuff is really working.

Here is a picture from last month of my lashes after one week of Cilea usage, taken outside, natural light, no makeup on.

And here is a picture after 3-4 weeks of usage, taken inside because it was freezing out this month, and the flash went off, but with no makeup still.

So it seems that my observational assessment of my lashes being slightly longer is actually true! And I have to admit, I was surprised to see how much the density and number of lashes has really improved. And the flash made them look very glossy, no?

Lastly, here is a picture taken today, after 5 weeks of daily usage, outside with no flash and no makeup either. When compared to the first photo, also outside, I think you can see the best before-and-after example.

And here’s one last anecdote…

On the suggestion of Bravo Ho mom2cagc, I called the company last week to tell them about the tragedy of my broken Cilea tube. The lady I spoke to sent an email *to the company’s president* about the issue to find out what he wanted to do.

Turns out, the pres instructed her to sell me another tube at about a 40% discount from regular retail price. Which I do appreciate, and I have to admit, I was surprised to have the customer sales rep call me back (I didn’t hound them!) personally.

Cilea’s grade just went way up: B-. I would mark them higher, but I wish I could have sent my broken tube to the company for an exchange, instead of having to wait to save up the money and buy the replacement tube.

But, you decide for yourself! What do you think, is it in my head or do you see a difference too?

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  1. I so wish there were a big marked difference because I would use the product faithfully.
    I tried measuring the length of the lashes and I don’t think there is any improvement .
    I do wish you had taken the pictures with a length indicator (paper ruler) under the lashes each time so I could really have definitive proof of growth.
    I want it to work , but I don’t think it did.

    • It’s not jaw dropping improvement, I agree. But I am seeing slight improvement, just with the photos and personal observation. I’ll keep using my leftovers for now. 😀

  2. Just read your adorable story and I will send you a tube at half off any time you need it! Just email me at (I’ll see if there’s a sample, too 🙂 ) xo, Ginger

  3. I just met the great people at Cilea and I have a 20% off code (Sorry, no half off, didn’t realize!) You can go to and enter coupon code GINGER for 20 percent off your next tubes until 8/31/2011. 🙂

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