For the love of high heels

People often remark on my heels. I don’t know why. Perhaps because from age of 18-37 I refused to wear them (except at my wedding, or onstage as part of my costume). Why? I hated high heels. I have been known to declare, “Heels are torture devices, designed by men, just like the bra!” or “Function, not fashion!”

Can you believe I was ever so stubborn? If you know me, of course you can. So for several decades, I *never* wore heels. And then, I had an epiphany, as I am wont to do.

You see, I’m surrounded by testosterone. Every day of my life is about crazy-boy-energy or crazy-man-energy. Robots and guns, sticks used as swords in the backyard, and mixed martial arts. It’s kung fu and karate chops all day long around here, “Hi-YA! Hi-YA!” Even my toddler already has his testosterone pumping, “Fight fight BOOM!”

So I must guard my estrogen. I must protect it from the onslaught of masculinity that is my daily existence. And when the Great Fashion Epiphany of ’07 struck me, along for the ride came a love affair for high heels. The higher the better!

I wear shoes that men don’t wear. I wear shoes that no one would ever mistake as belonging to my sons, or to my husband. Two inch heels are like tennis shoes to me, I can do anything all day long in 2 inch heels. Four inch heels are more my standard attire, a nice height to see the world from.

But the uber-heels are my favorites, “tranny shoes” as Rachel Zoe would say. I have several pairs of shoes and boots that are 5 and 6 inch heels. With those on, I stand on demi-pointe, a feat my former-ballerina self delights in.

I view the world at a staggering 6’2″ in height, and find myself looking men dead in the eye (which many find unusual). You should see men back up when they realize you’re looking at them, literally, eye to eye. Sometimes, I find myself looking down upon men, another unusual vantage point for many women to ever experience. It changes things, don’t think it doesn’t. Most men like it, you can tell, but some don’t.

As for me?

I rise above, darlings. I rise above.

With my heels on, I am Woman, Hear me Roar. With my heels on, I feel feminine in a world awash with mud and Transformers.

So now you know. I wear my heels because they are my last bastion of femininity in my boy-laden reality. I wear my high heels like the Queen wears her tiaras… as a statement of my feminine beauty and power.

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  1. Don’t tell me you’ve missed the fun of looking down on men who have short-man disease?

    • Guilty as charged! 😉

  2. Sad to say that my highest tranny shoes make me a whopping 5’4″. At least I don’t have to hem my pants when I wear them!

    • Yeah, but you make 5’4″ your bitch and OWN it!

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