The sparkly tinsel hair saga continues

Well, I’m not the only one who loves glitter hair, and neither is Adrienne Maloof. It’s been the number one search phrase for my blog since putting up the previous entries, and since I haven’t quit playing with my sparkly hair, I figured it was time to talk some tinsel.

A week had passed, and all of my tinsel had nearly fallen out when hubby turned to me, while cooking breakfast for the boys together one Saturday morning, reached to pick at my scalp while saying, “You have something in your hair…oh! You did that, didn’t you?” He said he loved the tinsel, thought is was cute, and so I immediately tied in a headful more of tinsel strands. Attention whore, who me?

So here’s a few tricks I’ve picked up in the past few weeks while wearing tinsel…

I’m better at tying them in now, practice practice practice, but in general it helps to tie the tinsel to a few hairs, think 6-8 strands, rather than small chunks of hair of 30ish strands. The ones I tied to larger chunks of hair fell out twice as fast.

Washing with tinsel is no issue at all. I usually towel dry and then air dry, but I’ve found it’s better to finger-comb wet hair and use a boar bristle brush for removing tangles in dry hair. When you brush your hair, place one hand on your scalp while brushing. This helps hold the tinsel strands from being pulled out quickly.

And they do fall out quickly. They fall out when I brush, when I style my hair (which for me is minimal, I don’t use blow dryers or curling/flat irons). They fall out when I sleep, a lot. So get used to tying in a few strands every day in order to maintain your tinsel look. If I have time after doing my makeup, I usually tie in more tinsel then.

And if you know me, and you want tinsel for yourself? Call me, darlings… or drop me an email. I can help!

Hopefully I’ll try to take pictures soon to share as well. The holographic silver is what I’m wearing today — I like the bright stuff for the festive holidays — but the copper is pretty, subtle but still very noticable.

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