Project Runway finale… well?

I’ve been slow to blog about much of anything with Project Runway since this season began. It became clear, with all his wins, that Mondo would be the certain winner, but the real story (I felt) was which two would accompany him.

And then? And then, Gretchen won. And Heidi and Jessica & Nina and Madame Kors argued voraciously, and tweets were twittered, and vlog’s appeared, like Tim’s…

…which makes you wonder if Tim has pushed it to the point of being fired (would they dare?) from the show for speaking his truth.

But I agreed that Gretchen’s collection had a cohesive feel, it was in keeping with the collection she had made all season (wearable separates with a distinctly granola feel). But Chloe’s hippy chic has been in keeping for decades, and I even mentioned that someone like Gretchen would do well to intern next at Diane von Furstenberg. She has the eye for prints (although I know many a ho that hated Gretchen’s tastes) and she plays with unusual hemlines, and necklines, which is also very much in keeping with a lot of DVF. Diane could polish Gretchen’s rough edges.

And Mondo? Mondo has a vision, for certain, but his collection was the kissing cousin to Seth Aaron’s from last season. Neon color, oversize graphic prints, tons of plaid, all the same earmarks as Seth Aaron’s. So while Mondo’s talent is beyond dispute, I think he would flourish under the guidance of Betsey Johnson (did ya see her cameo? so cute, love me some Betsey).

And Mondo would KILL it at Heatherette.

Lastly, there’s Andy. His draping was gorgeous, but why the judges gave him a pass on the most monotone color story I’ve seen (sea foam, anyone?) but crucified Michael C. for the same issue? Don’t get it. Just don’t.

The big boy bloggers are feeling pretty “over it” about PR. I agree, it would be nice to drop so many 1 day challenges, and focus on something more design oriented again.

But I will keep watching. (Shrug) Addict.

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  1. I never did like Gretchen’s work from the beginning. I stand by my statement that she rarely did anything new. She took an old silhouette, slapped a new neckline on it and made it in a print and called it a day. Most of her collection looked like YSL 1985 with a slight nod to 1989 Anne Klein. I was bored.

    I was actually kind of bored with Mondo’s collection too. It didn’t have the Mondo Pop his earlier designs did.

    Andy’s was the only collection that really made me take a look. I found it ironic that the judges were talking about the headpieces being so weird and distracting when it was the first season they had Philip Treacy on.

    But the judges once again proved my theory. Whenever the designers pull from their culture, if it isn’t Anglo European, they call it costumey and not fashion forward. Oh well. We’ll see if I continue to watch….

  2. one can argue that it can go both ways

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