Fraxel diaries, day after treatment

Not my prettiest day, people.

The day after Fraxel is definitely a day to hide from the world, unless you’re me and you’re insane enough to think that vlogging your laser treatment recovery is a great idea.

I can say there’s no pain, no discomfort, no heat sensitivity (like I had yesterday), it doesn’t itch and really only minimal swelling to complain of. The texture of my face is like a fine emery board, but I’ve developed a lot of discipline during my forays into home chemical peels and I’m good about not touching my face during the healing process.

Common sense things to remember: cleanse with non-soap products, pat your face dry (no rubbing), keep it moisturized at all times – I slathered in greasy Neosporin after this video, but had only the post-treatment cream on after my shower for this vlog. Drink lots of water. Stay away from the sun. Don’t touch, don’t rub and don’t pick!

I’ll try to take some video in natural light soon as well, because the bathroom lights are really bright and making it harder to see some of the finer (horrific) details.

And a special shoutout to sharkgirl, and her puppy love Lucy, and all her kind Twitter love for my henna! Love ya girl!! And if you’re interested in my henna work, check my website too at

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