Fraxel diaries, the “before treatment” video

Well, I’m going in for Fraxel Re:Store Dual laser treatment tomorrow. So, I’m starting my vlog of the whole experience today, to capture a good look at my face before treatment as a comparison for later. 

I think my video says it all.

This is my first adventure into vlogging, so you know… you get what you get. It’s my bathroom. And I don’t have makeup on, for goodness sake. Not a professional camera, or photographer for that matter. But, hopefully a good and honest look at this treatment option. When doing my own online research, I wished for more materials, especially users’ accounts. In answer to that, I decided to do these vlogs about my own experience, and add to the existing body of research material.

I haven’t been doing very much in preparation beforehand, except drinking lots of water because I’m a bit dehydrated right now anyhow. I’ve suspended any retionol type creams for about 2 months now actually due to the chem peels, but only a week or 2 of suspension of use is typically recommended prior to Fraxel. I’ve also been using Skinceuticals serums (C+AHA, Phyto Corrective Gel and Eye Repair) twice daily for the past two weeks. The Phyto is sometimes recommended prior to laser treatments.

Crossing my fingers, a little nervous but the medical spa I’m going to has been doing this procedure for 4 years, and have answered all my questions along the way with a lot of patience, wisdom and kindness. I know I’m in good hands, but I’m just nervous anyhow. Excited. Hopeful.

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  1. very nice “video” thank you

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