Mulberry for Target? Not lovin’ it

Well, it was in all the fashion magazines that I read, but it wasn’t until juniorgoddess, one of our beloved Bravo Hos, posted about it that I stopped long enough to pay attention… Mulberry (oh so beautiful, oh so costly, oh so precious) beloved English Mulberry came to Target to create a line of handbags.

And I rejoiced upon hearing the news, with visions of PVC Bayswaters dancing through my head….

And then I looked it up on Target’s sight, and noticed that the only remotely Bayswater-y designs was the one that came in pink leopard. Or black patent. Hmmm. Wasn’t feelin’ it for the denim version, either color. 

But today I waltzed into our local Target and happened upon the bags themselves, or what our store had shipped to them anyhow. The pink leopard was hideous. The only black patents were the tiny bags (I don’t do tiny). And the pebble faux leather tote? I picked it up, fingered it, wanted to like it, wanted a reason to go for it… but the hardware had MULBERRY FOR TARGET stamped all over. And the look of the faux leathers? Cheap. Like… “cheapy creepy” kinda cheap.

Oh well. Better off without another bag in my life anyhow. Besides, we need to catch up on bills. Thank you, Mulberry for Target, for making sure I didn’t spend any more than necessary today.

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