Is Rach preggers?

Wha- wha- what? It was chasingbunnies, the Bravo Ho knitter with the celebrity radar set on kill, who spotted this…

Rachel Zoe is pregnant?

Or is it all just spin control?

Everyone’s talking about it, regardless.

I sent her a Mazel Tov tweet on the chance the rumor is true. If it is, I pray that she was in a position to release this information voluntarily, since these things can sometimes leak earlier than a family is ready to discuss. At three months along, with the first trimester behind her, some celebrity moms do decide to come forward with the news at that point in their pregnancy.

I would love to hear Rachel and Rodger are ready to expand the familia, most wonderful news if it is indeed the truth. No official word from the Zoe Camp seems to have been released at this time. Let’s not forget today is Brad’s last official day in the company as well. Perhaps a new chapter in her life is just beginning?

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  1. Is Rach preggers?…

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