Fraxel diaries, 5 days after treatment

Now is the time to mention that I love Fraxel.

The pinkness is almost gone today, actually. What’s still there looks very natural… natural enough to forego any foundation, just eye makeup and lip gloss. Except for the cold sore on my lip, and some small patches of dry skin, my skin looks amazing and the whole process has exceeded my expectations.

Kinda freaky religious about sunscreen now. And hats. Never wore hats so often in my life, but I do now. I feel like I was given a “do-over” with my skin and I have to do better this time. Protect my investment.

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Fraxel diaries, 3 days after treatment

About 2/3 of my face has revealed the new skin beneath and it looks amazing! What do you think?

I am absolutely loving my results thus far. I can expect to be pink in the face for the next week or two, according to my laser technician, who called today to check on me. And that’s ok by me, I didn’t even wear any facial makeup while running errands this morning, just eyeliner, mascara and lip gloss.

To help gently lift the flakes from the new skin, besides my fingertips I’ve also been using a soft black cotton cloth, a jersey knit so any t-shirt would do just as well, and running that over my face with almost no pressure, just to lift the surface flakes up and away. That is extremely gentle but also effective.

Really pleased with everything so far! I really do feel like I’m in the movie “Death Becomes Her,” it’s like seeing myself from long ago. I love these results, and have nothing but good things to say about my overall experience thus far.

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Fraxel diaries, day after treatment

Not my prettiest day, people.

The day after Fraxel is definitely a day to hide from the world, unless you’re me and you’re insane enough to think that vlogging your laser treatment recovery is a great idea.

I can say there’s no pain, no discomfort, no heat sensitivity (like I had yesterday), it doesn’t itch and really only minimal swelling to complain of. The texture of my face is like a fine emery board, but I’ve developed a lot of discipline during my forays into home chemical peels and I’m good about not touching my face during the healing process.

Common sense things to remember: cleanse with non-soap products, pat your face dry (no rubbing), keep it moisturized at all times – I slathered in greasy Neosporin after this video, but had only the post-treatment cream on after my shower for this vlog. Drink lots of water. Stay away from the sun. Don’t touch, don’t rub and don’t pick!

I’ll try to take some video in natural light soon as well, because the bathroom lights are really bright and making it harder to see some of the finer (horrific) details.

And a special shoutout to sharkgirl, and her puppy love Lucy, and all her kind Twitter love for my henna! Love ya girl!! And if you’re interested in my henna work, check my website too at

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Fraxel diaries, the day of treatment

Today was the big day, I was beyond nervous but now that it’s behind me I realize the anxiety of how much it might hurt was far worse than the reality of how much it did hurt (which really wasn’t that much!)

I thought I would have an out of body experience this morning, my nerves were so bad, but I really didn’t have anything to worry over. As I said, if you could withstand the discomfort of a tattoo then you can deal with this. And I’m the type to worry about every possible thing that could go wrong (including the woman who died from lidocaine numbing cream… but she wrapped her entire body in it and plastic wrapped it too, so go figure. Obviously this was nothing like that). If it’s of relevance, I did indeed remove my nose jewelry during the treatment.

I have only good things to say about the medical spa where I had the work done, the staff were kind, extremely knowledgable and well-practiced. They made sure to send me away with plenty of product samples to use for the next week while my skin is healing, and emphasized how to reach them at any point this weekend if I had any questions or concerns along the way.

As the day is progressing and the numbness is fully wearing off, I notice some sensitivity in the under-eye area but otherwise I just feel occasional warmth and some slight puffiness from the swelling. And I’m seeing little grains of “sand” that are beginning to appear on my skin as the day goes along. More salt than pepper today, I guess. And I haven’t even felt like I needed an ibuprofen for the discomfort.

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Fraxel diaries, the “before treatment” video

Well, I’m going in for Fraxel Re:Store Dual laser treatment tomorrow. So, I’m starting my vlog of the whole experience today, to capture a good look at my face before treatment as a comparison for later. 

I think my video says it all.

This is my first adventure into vlogging, so you know… you get what you get. It’s my bathroom. And I don’t have makeup on, for goodness sake. Not a professional camera, or photographer for that matter. But, hopefully a good and honest look at this treatment option. When doing my own online research, I wished for more materials, especially users’ accounts. In answer to that, I decided to do these vlogs about my own experience, and add to the existing body of research material.

I haven’t been doing very much in preparation beforehand, except drinking lots of water because I’m a bit dehydrated right now anyhow. I’ve suspended any retionol type creams for about 2 months now actually due to the chem peels, but only a week or 2 of suspension of use is typically recommended prior to Fraxel. I’ve also been using Skinceuticals serums (C+AHA, Phyto Corrective Gel and Eye Repair) twice daily for the past two weeks. The Phyto is sometimes recommended prior to laser treatments.

Crossing my fingers, a little nervous but the medical spa I’m going to has been doing this procedure for 4 years, and have answered all my questions along the way with a lot of patience, wisdom and kindness. I know I’m in good hands, but I’m just nervous anyhow. Excited. Hopeful.

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Mulberry for Target? Not lovin’ it

Well, it was in all the fashion magazines that I read, but it wasn’t until juniorgoddess, one of our beloved Bravo Hos, posted about it that I stopped long enough to pay attention… Mulberry (oh so beautiful, oh so costly, oh so precious) beloved English Mulberry came to Target to create a line of handbags.

And I rejoiced upon hearing the news, with visions of PVC Bayswaters dancing through my head….

And then I looked it up on Target’s sight, and noticed that the only remotely Bayswater-y designs was the one that came in pink leopard. Or black patent. Hmmm. Wasn’t feelin’ it for the denim version, either color. 

But today I waltzed into our local Target and happened upon the bags themselves, or what our store had shipped to them anyhow. The pink leopard was hideous. The only black patents were the tiny bags (I don’t do tiny). And the pebble faux leather tote? I picked it up, fingered it, wanted to like it, wanted a reason to go for it… but the hardware had MULBERRY FOR TARGET stamped all over. And the look of the faux leathers? Cheap. Like… “cheapy creepy” kinda cheap.

Oh well. Better off without another bag in my life anyhow. Besides, we need to catch up on bills. Thank you, Mulberry for Target, for making sure I didn’t spend any more than necessary today.

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Is Rach preggers?

Wha- wha- what? It was chasingbunnies, the Bravo Ho knitter with the celebrity radar set on kill, who spotted this…

Rachel Zoe is pregnant?

Or is it all just spin control?

Everyone’s talking about it, regardless.

I sent her a Mazel Tov tweet on the chance the rumor is true. If it is, I pray that she was in a position to release this information voluntarily, since these things can sometimes leak earlier than a family is ready to discuss. At three months along, with the first trimester behind her, some celebrity moms do decide to come forward with the news at that point in their pregnancy.

I would love to hear Rachel and Rodger are ready to expand the familia, most wonderful news if it is indeed the truth. No official word from the Zoe Camp seems to have been released at this time. Let’s not forget today is Brad’s last official day in the company as well. Perhaps a new chapter in her life is just beginning?

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