Home chemical peel diary 3

Day One: This is the 4th peel in a series of 7, the third one I’ve done at home, and I have Fraxel Re:store Dual laser treatment scheduled for 2 weeks from today. It’s been 15 days since my last chemical peel. I’ll be suspending these peels until the doctor advises to begin them again, post laser treatment, so this is my last home peel for a while, although my intention is to finish the course of peels once it is safe to do so.

This time, I began by applying 2 heavy layers of Vitalize peel with medium pressure, using a cotton ball. The second layer had a lot of tingle to it, more than I remember experiencing in the past, so I waited 9 minutes before the next application, allowing my skin some time to calm down. The third layer of Vitalize was “dotted” over my problem areas only, and very lightly.

Waited another 5 minutes after the final “dotted” layer of Vitalize, and then applied 1 layer of 20 drops of TCA 12% (did not dilute it this time), applied by using a fresh cotton swab. Tingled big time, and a light frosting appeared on my forehead only a few minutes post application. First time I’ve ever seen frosting on me. Skin felt tingly and slightly numb for next 2-3 hours, then felt normal for the rest of the day (although slightly “tight” despite light layers of Aquaphor to stay moisturized). By bedtime, I could see a slightly reddish tint to the skin that had been treated by the peel.

Day Two: You can see a pinkish mask of skin where the peel was applied yesterday. It disappears under normal makeup and isn’t very noticable unless you’re looking for it. Looks like a mild sunburn in a very specific pattern, if that makes sense. Those small clear & glassy lines are beginning to appear, as is usual for day two. Using SPF every few hours, and wearing an oversized hat while out and about. Skin still feels a little dry, so I’ve been using Aquaphor in thin layers when at home (and not wearing makeup).

Day Three: Woke up to massive peeling around the mouth and chin. Looks like the kind of peel you get after a sunburn, it’s not painful or worrisome but it is very present today and moisturizer alone won’t hide it. The pinkish tint to the skin is gone.

I’m applying Aquaphor to keep the skin super-hydrated and trying to keep myself from touching my face. Thou Shalt Not Pick Thy Skin, Lest Ye Cause Damage and Scars! My commandment for the day, but it’s hard not to rub the skin because it feels so delightfully weird. This is definitely the most significant peel I’ve experienced in the series, and I’m happy to find a process that evoked the results I wanted.

In other spots, you can see the mask of skin that will be peeling soon – it looks like I have on one of those old clear gel masques (the kind you would peel off when it dries). Before you peel those off, they dry into a clear masque of wrinkly skin. That’s what my skin looks like up close, eeny weeny clear wrinkles everywhere. It doesn’t itch though, and I’m excited to see what new skin will be revealed once the peel is complete.

Day Four: Woke up to massive forehead peeling, and unlike all my previous peels, this isn’t tiny litte flakes. It’s like a sunburn peel, that’s all I can compare it to. I’ve heard other happy chem peelers talk about a good peel resulting in a “snake like” peeling, so I guess this is the molting they’ve referred to. I can gently coax off 1/4″ pieces that are as long as the width of a dime. I don’t peel! Never never do I lift the skin off my face, it’s bad and can scar you!

Had to work and so I wore makeup in evening, forehead had the worst noticable peeling but bangs saved the day. Looked like my bangs had dandruff though.

Doesn’t itch, but it is hard to keep your fingers from picking. I slather in Aquaphor every moment I’m at home, and no makeup on. The new skin beneath is really smooth and lovely. I’m looking forward to a week from today. Very hopeful!

Day Five: Peeling is almost done now, but flaking continues. Not much to say today. Looking good, getting closer to normal.

Summation: This was my most successful peel, and it took me 3 tries to work my way into the strength I required to achieve the results. The downside is areas which peeled greater than others have beautiful pink skin “blotches” but they blend into my non-peeled normal skin. It’s not noticable unless you’re 3 inches from the bathroom mirror, examining your skin, like I do.

Pores are reduced, definitely. And the other morning, I walked by a mirror and noticed the pink glow to my radiant skin, and smiled. If it weren’t for the dark circles under my eyes, I could consider not using foundation. As it is, the peels are doing a great job of removing sun damaged layers of skin.

No more peels for a long time, but check back near the 15th for my Fraxel Re:store Dual laser treatment reports, m’kay? I’m going to try to vlog the results, along with the blog.

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  1. Thanks for your thorough notes. Helped me know what to anticipate with my face. Kim at http://mychemicalpeel.blogspot.com

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