Rachel Zoe finale underwhelming

I’m so depressed by that fizzle of a season finale for the Rachel Zoe Project that I don’t have anything happy to say about it.

Brad? Glad you heard yourself and your bad attitude, because I’ve been thinking you sound more and more like Taylor each episode. Three years seems to be the breaking point… Taylor’s malaise began at her 3 year mark. Now it’s Brad’s turn.

Rodger? Go get a job that doesn’t involve your wife and hire someone to do whatever it is that you do for her company. It’s your only hope of saving your sanity, and perhaps your marriage. Then you won’t be doing stupid things like sitting in cars outside client’s homes and waiting for her, or flying to New York City to accompany her to a Met Ball, which you aren’t even invited to, and pouting.

Rachel, Rachel, Rachel…. I find it sad that you can’t get past “how can I stop my life for 9 months to carry a baby” when the real question is, “How can I stop my life for 18 years while I raise a child?” The pregnancy is the easy part. Any time I see someone making life decisions based off fear and fear alone makes me sad. Her fear of miscarriage is paralyzing her.

However, let’s not forget Coco Chanel didn’t have children. Rachel is no Coco, but the analogy of a woman in the business of fashion still applies. Rachel’s invested 15 years of her life (by her estimation) building her business, that’s a lot to feel like you’re walking away from in order to become a mother. Diane von Furstenberg had 2 kids, but often quips she had a business and children, but didn’t have room for a husband. And doesn’t this point to a greater choice that every woman potentially faces in their own life? You and I may not be picking Oscar gowns, but we have faced the challenge of balancing work, family and marriage in our lives.

So, this season’s conflict boils down to this: Rodger wants a baby, and always really thought that he and his wife would have one, and Rachel doesn’t want a baby because she never really thought that she and her husband would have one.

Sad. This season leaves me sad. Sad for a couple who have serious problems in their marriage. Sad for Rachel, because giving up all that she’s worked to achieve would be petrifying to me too. I think I’m even sad for Brad, all burnt out at his job and “over it.” Come to think of it, I’m sad for Ashley the poor intern who got the sack for getting sick during Oscars.

I has a sad….

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