Home chemical peel diary 2

Day One: This is the 3rd peel in a series of 7, using Vitalize (3 light layers, spaced 2 minutes apart) and TCA 8% (1 light layer). It’s been 13 days since my last home peel.

Upon application, the TCA burned more than expected for the first minute, but no frosting. I’ve never seen frosting on me though. After 5 minutes, I applied baking soda paste to neutralize, but it might not have been necessary. I’ve read it is self-neutralizing, but I thought to play it safe for my first use of the chemical. Immediately afterwards, skin felt slightly tingly for an hour, slightly numb to the touch, then normal all day, ever so slightly pink.

Day Two: Skin looks slightly tight and glassy in places, mostly near the mouth, with eeny weeny small lines. No other changes.

Day Three: Woke up to some slight flaking near the mouth. Afternoon showed good rubbing… this is when I apply a heavy moiturizer, or even Aquaphor, and then use my fingertips and rub them over my skin. Small bits of dead skin roll together as I rub the skin, resulting in a very gentle exfoliation using nothing more than oil and the texture of my fingerprints.

Day Four: I had to work outside all day for a Renaissance Faire but I was in the shade for the most part, and I SPFd and tried to stay out of sun by keeping my back to it all day. Had some light peeling on left cheek after my shower that night. This ended up being the most significant peeling I saw during this home procedure.

Day Five: Outside all day for Renn Faire again, SPFd again and tried to stay out of sun. No sunburn from yesterday. Light peeling on forehead after shower.

Day Six: Woke up to more light forehead peeling. No sunburn.

Summation: I peeled for longer during this run, which shows more of the exfoliation power of the addition of the TCA after the Vitalize. I’m not seeing much in terms of results, but patches of my skin along my cheeks looks very fresh and new. The sun spots look the same as ever, maybe slightly lighter, but not certain. Next time, I plan to use the TCA at full strength (12%) instead of diluting it.

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  1. Alissa, thanks for your posts. I’ve been doing chemical peels at home since September, and I’ve just finished my 5th TCA peel, and to be honest, I didn’t see any real results until my 4th peel was finished. Here are pictures of the week before my first peel and after the 4th: http://mychemicalpeel.blogspot.com/p/facial-tca-series-before-and-after.html
    You can also see my latest one, which I finished yesterday at http://mychemicalpeel.blogspot.com/2011/03/5th-tca-chemical-peel-day-4.html but I don’t have before and after photos up yet of this one yet. Take care, Gabi

    • Glad to hear you’ve had good results! If done correctly, home peels are a nice way to brighten your skin tone, exfoliation, etc.

  2. Alissa, did you take any before and after photos of your TCA peel? I’ve done 8 TCA peels now and I have pictures: http://mychemicalpeel.blogspot.com/p/facial-tca-series-before-and-after.html

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