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It’s no secret to blog readers how obsessed I am with skin care. In this quest, I’ve just added a new element to my skin care regimen: chemical peels. It began with an in-office peel I did in August, which I blogged about here.

My formal diary didn’t begin until several peels later, but I’ve gone back to recreate some of my experiences, and I’ve used my notes (yes, I keep written notes on days, times, procedures, and results) to use as a resource for these diaries. My hope is that by sharing my experience, I can help add to the pool of knowledge that exists for others to draw from when embarking on their own journeys with DIY chemical peels.

Day One: This is the 2nd peel in a series of 7, and my first attempt at using the Vitalize peel at home. It’s also my first home chemical peel, and I was nervous but believed in the research I conducted. 

It’s been 12 days since my last peel, which was done in-office. I followed instructions on how to properly cleanse the skin using the professional preperation solution. I applied lip balm to my lips, and then a light layer around the orbital socket of the eye, including the skin above and below the eyelid itself. The lips and the eye socket should be protected during a peel, and should never be exposed to the chemicals.

I used about 15 drops of the Vitalize peel and saturated one cotton ball with solution. I used light and quick strokes, applying from the forehead to the temples, the cheekbones, the cheeks, the chin, upper lip and lastly, the nose.

Within about 30-60 seconds, there is a tingle to the skin, like a light prickling feeling, and I can notice a faint, strange smell in the air as the chemicals continue to react to your skin. I hand-fanned my skin, and waited 5 minutes for the skin to stop reacting as the peel self-neutralized. Then, I repeated this procedure for a second time.

No frosting, and only a few very light pink patches immediately after application, but very small and unnoticable.

Day Two: No effect. I figure it’s too early to tell. The in-office procedures all say to wait 3-5 days to see the peel. Using tons of SPF lotion and wearing hats religiously.

Day Three: Nothing but a few flakes, and I mean a very few, around the corners of the mouth.

Summation: I continued to see no other signs of peeling, and doing further research decided to add a secondary peeling acid, TCA (trichloroacetic acid), to mimic the retinoic acid used after the Vitalize peel when at the doctor’s office. I bought a 12% solution, and plan to dilute the acid to 8% for my first application so that I can ease into usage, and gauge how my skin reacts to the TCA.

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