No, but there is a Gretchen in “team”

What’s Project Runway’s answer to the cosmic, need-a-new-idea production question, “What’s worse than two designers working together and bitching at each other?” Why, SIX designers working together to create a cohesive collection, ego stroking each other throughout last night’s episode, at least until the lights came up and the judges were present.

And God forbid if you’re with Gretchen’s team, because guess what? Here comes the bus. When Tim called her out at the end of the show in a verbal dressing-down that would have left anyone feeling about 2 inches tall… I died. Jaw open, knitting down, died.  I almost felt bad for her, both being in the bottom two, and then Tim’s pronouncement after the judges’ harsh critique… because she had really put herself on a high pedestal. It musta hurt to hit bottom like that. What she does next will show her character to the viewers. And while we’re on the topic, let’s lose the see-through shirts with bra tops, and no more dancing in Mood.

And who doesn’t love a comeback, eh? Way to go Casanova, that outfit was gorgeous. I wanted it, I did. But the pouting and waiting for your model-turned-angel inspiration to kick in before returning to the work room was just a wee bit diva, don’t ya think? And what’s up with them pixie shoes? Michael C., pull back on the everybody-hates-me. Please? We get it, they don’t respect you, but enough is enough.

Other than that, the collections left me feeling flat, and that was a disappointment, because my Fall inspiration has been camel (got a blog in progress for it!) so I had high hopes there for Team Luxe. I’m also getting into military, as a theme for some wardrobe pieces, so Team Military Lace piqued my interest, and yet…. Sigh.

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