Hustling for Naomi… err, Haiti

I kinda hate Naomi Campbell. People who conduct their lives with an air of supreme entitlement bug me. I want to knock them off their high freakin’ horses, it’s just my nature. Having said that, I grudgingly admit the chick pulls together some high-minded, idealistic fundraiser events that send resources to places and people who need it, and that’s where Rachel Zoe comes in for this week’s episode.

The Fashion for Relief Haiti runway show couldn’t have been more inconveniently scheduled with only 3 days to organize and produce, and hitting smack dab in the middle of February’s Fall Fashion Week. And then there’s the U.K. version of the Haiti Relief runway show, scheduled on the same weekend as a trans-Atlantic event, which is grand in concept but fails in practice, due to the shows having to compete with each other for designers’ donated looks, as mentioned. Why? Why schedule them this way, if no other reason than to show off? Let’s not forget Mother Nature’s influence during this event as well, since the blizzard certainly complicated matters considerably.

But with Naomi Campbell, like most divas, it’s not so much how it gets done, it’s just the fact that it will get done, and done exactly when and how they demand it. So, as they say in our house, poop rolls downhill. Naomi gets pissed at Rachel. Rachel dumps the blame on Brad.

Result? Brad dumps on his friends in one of the most contrived and unnatural scenes in the entire episode. After seating himself around a group of anonymous people that we the viewers don’t know and don’t care about, Brad opens a conversation to himself in the guise of sharing his woes. He is met with the unsympathetic sound of crickets chirping, which causes him to burst into spontaneous soliloquy. Simply the most painful and useless 2 minutes which do nothing to advance the plot, and slows down the entire show’s momentum. 

The death of Lee Alexander McQueen is mentioned, and the five McQueen commemorative looks as an homage at the end of the runway show were quite a moving tribute (did you see the tears in the models’ eyes?) but hearing Rachel discuss her grief while looking at one of his stilettos? Superfluous.

In other news, Gwen Stefani’s brief appearance seemed strained, a bit unnatural in front of the RZP cameras, which is shocking considering her megastardom. I would have liked more of her and of L.A.M.B. Other notable cameos include Diane von Furstenberg, walking the fund raiser’s runway. Wasn’t she adorable? Love her.

Best thing about this week’s episode… no one discussed “the Taylor situation.” Since 2 months have passed since Taylor’s leaving and the filming during Fashion Week, let’s hope they’ve dropped it for the rest of the season in favor of building baby anticipation.

P.S. Did you die over Rachel’s Chanel? Because I did.

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