Changes in the Zoe Camp, RZP S8 premiere

Well, kudos to the producers for stacking the episode with a ton of content! Immediately we get right to the heart of the Taylor Jacobson matter, who was summarily dismissed from the company after Rodger’s accusations of financial misdealings. Rachel’s word was “betrayal,” and Brad Goreski was promoted immediately within the Zoe hierarchy. And he rejoiced. Rachel wore her Hermes cuff and waved it around often, and I rejoiced.

Then they interviewed for the new intern position, which montages quickly, thank goodness. Suffice to say, many of her applicants seemed woefully inept. Oh, to have a 23 year old clone of myself to send off and live an alternate life.

Demi Moore’s Harper photo shoot was full of red and glittery Louboutins, white mice and Chanel, and Alexander McQueen’s armadillo shoes on a spiral staircase to nowhere on an empty beach… with a giraffe. Of course. I enjoyed Demi’s presence on camera as herself, she came off as unpretentious, unlike Rachel who was carried down the hill due to her impractical 6 inch heels for a beach shoot. But it was Brad who tripped over himself to do a good job with Demi, running around and pulling zillions of pieces for all of her looks. Sigh… to paw through such racks!

I could have done without the scenes of vitriolic displays of anger whenever Taylor’s name continued to be discussed, although I forgive the producers for exploiting Rachel’s emotional pain. This isn’t over yet, but I kinda wish we could forget about it, as the viewer, and move on.

The Chanel scene? I have no words. How much those items cost? I can only imagine. Gorgeous? Beyond measure. Let’s not forget why I watch this show.

And how cute was it that they’re teasing us with future scenes of Rodger and Rachel discussing pregnancy and making a baby? Awwwww! I would love to see Rachel have a family, but realistically, I can only imagine what her schedule is like. But, I bet you she could do it… what with the nanny for work hours, and such. Think they’re gonna spin a future season of RZP with a Bethenny’s Getting Married? pregnancy theme?

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