Project Runway: the pole dancer in Dubai?

It’s been crazy busy, but I had to take a moment to write about the Project Runway premiere. Where to even start?

I didn’t mind watching the designers battle it out in their final “audition” and certainly the 5 hour deadline was a bit extreme and created a great deal of conflict to drive the plot.

It’s always hard to get a feel for the individuals’ personalities early on, but right away Casanova takes the eccentricity award. How sad was it to watch his Dolce & Gabbana pants getting destroyed for this challenge? However his “pole dancer in Dubai” outfit was beyond “beach chic.” I agreed with Tim, it was vulgar. And he gets an F for time management skills — not having your model dressed when everyone’s lining up to walk? Seriously not okay. I half expected him to be voted auf.

As a knitter, I was excited to hear about Michael’s work and am hoping we might see him work more knitwear into his looks. Time constraints aside, it was surprising to see the gamut of entries from this season’s contestants.

I fully expected the bowler-hatted Jason to be sent home, if for no reason beyond the fact that he sent a dress with staples down the catwalk. It’s not like Michael Kors didn’t notice, he mentioned what he thought were pins, and yet they still gave this guy the green light? And how original is it to just turn a kimono backwards anyhow?

However, the lack of originality award would have to go to Ivy for making a pair of pants out of a pair of pants. I disagreed (as usual) with the judges about her top though, I liked the shredded and deconstucted look. However, interrupting Nina Garcia and backtalking Michael Kors is never a good idea. But I don’t mean deconstructed like April’s hideous inside-out nightmare, which I REALLY expected to be sent home.

Gretchen’s win blew me off my chair because I thought her look was very matronly and not exciting in the least. My choice for the win would have been Kristin’s look, the kilt that became a collar. I’m probably betraying my own style, but I dig cowls and thought her look was modern, chic and extremely wearable. I liked Peach’s dress too, but thought it looked like 1000 other dresses I’ve seen on the hundreds of racks for the past 10 years.

And who got auffed? McKell? And that’s it, no one else?? Yes, the fuchsia tote was a horrible styling choice, but I didn’t think her dress was that bad. I do think the metal epaulettes would have added a design element that the dress needed. Tim talked her out of using them, but I actually liked the way it pulled the metallic in the skirt’s fabric up into the top half of the dress.

So, what did we learn today? The girl with the weirdest hairstyle in any reality competition (almost) never wins.

p.s. Rachel Zoe starts tomorrow! Hooray, hooray happy fashion TV day!

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  1. I have to desagree with you with Gretchen’s dress, I though it was super Chic and sweet.
    Now Cassanova needed to be voted off… his dress was not only vulgar but there was no design involved. It looked like one of those kiosk silk wrap dresses.
    I agree that McKell’s dress wasn’t that bad, she didn’t deserved to go home.

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