Almighty skin update 6.0

Isn’t it great that I managed to stick with this New Year’s resolution 6 months later? I’m impressed, shocked even.

So, last month I vowed to fix the broken clip and start using my red-blue LED skin therapy light, aka “the Almighty,” regularly once more. First, I duct-taped the bejesus outta this thing, and after the third day it fell on my head while I was using it from beneath. Ouch!

I’ve been resting in bed and holding it vertically 4″ from my face now instead, usually for 15 minutes a day. Some days I’ve skipped, and some days I’ve done 30 minutes instead of 15 so I guess it all averages out. And… The Glow Is Back!

Again, as before, I notice after the first few treatments my skin is beginning to look slightly flushed and pink, glowing once more. Hooray! I attribute this to the increase in circulation, and it’s addicting to see in the mirror, I admit. The gadget is set to red LEDs at 660 nm, which seems to be the most effective setting.

One day, I spooked myself by wondering if red-blue LED lights give off carcinogenic radiation, and the thought that I was pumping my face full of it… just my luck, right? The answer is no, LED lights do not emit carcinogenic radiation. I might have read this fact before when initially researching LED skin therapy, but if so I had forgotten about it until recently.

The only other update is the fact that I started a new jar of Pond’s Cold Cream, as per my skin care regimen, and I bought the wrong “flavor.” The last jar I had was a “cool, cucumber formula” and this new one I bought isn’t. They both have a light green top and similar front packaging. And, it’s a lot thicker and oilier than the last jar I had. So far, it’s not making my skin break out, so I’ll keep up with it.

Still using Tretinoin about 3-4X a week, with breaks on nights my skin gets too irritated and dry. I have no idea what effect it’s having on my wrinkles because mostly I’m enamoured by the return of my pink glow, thanks to the Almighty. Still using daily L’oreal’s Revitalift with SPF, although it’s heavier and greasier than the Revitalift Dual Tube (without SPF), which I prefer. 

At six months, the most effective aspects of the skin care resolution have been 1) the red LED skin care gadget, 2) the Pond’s cold cream and spinning facial brush, and 3) of course, daily lotion with SPF. Least effective seem to be water and vitamins… which is to say, these help your skin, but in less immediately noticable ways.

In the past six months, I have seen 1) an increase in skin’s radiance, 2) less coloration on my age and sun spots, 3) plumper and more responsive skin tone, bounces back with less crepe, 4) less lines around the lip and mouth, with less lipstick bleeding, and 5) a slight reduction in the depth and prominence of my wrinkles. Those are good results! Good enough that I’m staying motivated to keep at this resolution, right?

Next month we’ll see how my upcoming vacation plays havoc with the skin care regimen, and if I can stick to my resolution when out of my element?

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Stones, I love these stones!

Last summer, I had a craving for huge, chunky, clear crystals (big time) and started making and buying lots of chandelier crystals for my jewelry collection. A month or so later, I read that the “clear” jewelry trend was hitting everyone in the industry full force, and is in fact still trending this spring and summer as well.

So, on even the chance that I hit this trend right before it officially “trends,” I’m sharing this summer’s jewelry obsession: natural stones with lots of color. And, hands down, my favorite seller is Ana Silver Co. I just mentioned this ebay shop to my Bravo Hos, but I wanted to blog about it as well, in case it helps others to start their own love affair with these remarkable stones.

Look close! I get lost inside the wonder of some pieces, their stones are just cut so beautifully. You would swear you are looking at miniature galaxies in their jasper, fossilized shells in their agate. Their settings tend to be on the simpler side, allowing the stone to take center stage. Why gild the lily?

And, I can speak positively from experience. Having already bought a lovely set of orange Botswana agate ring and earrings (similar to what’s pictured here, but different) I was quite pleasantly surprised to see such clean workmanship when the items arrived.

Many of the auctions close at prices that can’t be beat. Be warned, you may find yourself craving some color and drama for your vacation, or your trip to the beach, after browsing just a few of their 9,000+ items currently for sale on ebay.

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