Almighty skin update 5.0

I had to count on my fingers to try to remember how many months I’ve been doing these updates now. I missed last month… so sue me, eh?

Let’s back up to last March, I was sick and yet trying to keep up with the Almighty, and my entire skin care regimen. I renewed my vows to start using it daily.

After 3 days of seeing my vows through, I broke the clip that holds the light. Sigh. It was all my fault too. So, I quit using the Almighty. This was a good thing in retrospect, however, since suspending the treatment (yet keeping up with the rest of my regimen) allowed me to discover what, if any, effect the LED is having.

First, let’s review the regimen and all the products’ 5-month feedback…

The Pond’s cold cream and facial spinning brush is wicked good. A++. So good, that when I hit the bottom of the jar, I curbed my impulse to try a new skin miracle makeup cream, and stuck with what works. My skin is dry, and I live in the desert, this stuff rocks my world.

The vitamins, C-. I finished the bottle and I cannot tell you in any way, shape or form how they may have helped my skin. I would argue that vitamins aren’t going to show dramatic and immediate results, but that they are still beneficial. But I can’t share any results from taking them, because there is no noticable effect. I’m done with the special vitamins… I’ll stick to my multi-vitamin, calcium/magnesium supplement, and folic acid/omega 3. Three vitamin pills a day are enough to choke down.

This dual-tube L’oreal Revitalift is still my favorite facial lotion, A+, but I’m only using it sporadically. I finally did buy some Revitalift with SPF for my daytime summer skin routine, but it has a different texture and scent than the one I’ve been using all winter. This stuff is still my favorite OTC lotion, and the only one that wouldn’t cause breakouts due to excess oil on my skin.

The Tretinoin (generic Retinol) night time lotion is having a modest but positive effect on diminishing my wrinkles, so I give it a B-. I’ve finally reached the point where I can use it on my face about 4-5 days a week. I take breaks in between, mostly because I forget some nights, but also due to occassional excessive dryness (in which case, I reach for the dual tube Revitalift lotion as my alternative).

Water, 64 ounces daily. Um… for me most days yes, but not always. I refuse to grade water’s effect on my skin. It’s just a healthier habit to have, so I try my best, but I admit to being a black tea addict, so there ya go.

Which brings our post back to where we began, the absence of the Almighty. The radiance that I saw before is gone, and I miss it. The effect on wrinkles might not have been so dramatic, but the radiance and clarity was much more pronounced when I was using it, even sporadically.

I must must must find a way to use it again. Rig a new clip to the headboard, grab the duct tape and fix what I can… I dunno. But at this point, I would say the Almighty did have a positive effect on my skin, and that discontinuing usage (yet keeping up with the rest of my routine) resulted in loss of radiance and clarity. Maybe a little loss of elasticity too.

New vow: fix the Almighty and go back to using it, a lot, again. And keep up with the blogging, because it really does help me stay motivated and maintain my regimen.

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