Project Runway… Seth Aaron sweeps it

Well, I was glad to see my favorite contestant won. But honestly, none of the final collections really blew me away. They were all very commercial, and even (dare I say it) pedestrian — Emilio, I’m looking at you.

…And Seth Aaron’s hair was really weirding me out. The combed down over the ears thing?

I do think Seth Aaron has a niche to carve for himself in the fashion business, but I think I’m PR jaded. I just keep expecting “the next Christian” to come along — someone with talent, personality, a strong fashion viewpoint, and snarky sound bytes till the cows come home — but there’s only one Christian.

Sigh. There’s always next season… I guess.

I wish Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style would come back. Gretta Monahan I can do without, but it would be nice to see Tim getting more air time once again.

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Project Runway finale season 7

The PR finale is this week… I’ve been watching, despite my ennui, have you? Let’s check out who’s showing at the tents.

Up first for Bryant Park: Emilio Sosa, a.k.a. Ego Boy. Here’s the deal… I think his work is usually quite amazing, but his attitude sucketh. And his “graffiti” print? I agree with Mila, it was a Louis Vuitton/Stephen Sprouse ripoff. But for some reason, the judges gave it the thumbs-up anyhow. Let’s not forget, he’s had some failures this season too… Malibu Bolts and Washers Barbie, for example. If Emilio wins, at least he’ll have the ego it takes to succeed in the fashion industry.

And let’s look at Monochrome Mila Hermanovski, since she landed in the finale as the Wild Card. Her black and white palette is classic (cough Chanel cough), but she’s worried about the lack of color in her final collection. For me, her silhouettes are a bit space-agey for my tastes, but her work is often impeccably done.

And then there’s Seth Aaron Henderson, whose designs I love. His style is edgy but beautiful, and appeals to women in their 20s as well as women in their 40s. I especially like the pops of color (vibrant red, sunshine yellow) he includes in his pieces, and his use of plaids. Hands down, Seth Aaron is my favorite.

Looking forward to seeing the full collections on the runway this week. Go Seth Aaron!!!

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Christian Siriano: having a moment

Project Runway’s Golden Child, Christian Siriano is grabbing some Bravo air time once again.

His one-hour, one-off show hangs its plot line on a behind-the-scenes look at Siriano putting together his Spring 2010 show, while launching his book, last Fall. Maybe a part of me wanted to be over the whole Siriano thing, but whenever he’s on camera, he’s naturally engaging. And I can’t help but find his story compelling.

Not to mention, his collections speak for themselves. Which is to say, his talent speaks for itself.

The obligatory Tori Spelling sighting, complete with her side boobs, is included. And, we get a peak at Fashion’s Night Out, from Siriano’s insanely-busy-schedule point of view.

The climax is the chaos of watching the backstage drama play out before the models hit the runway. Kinda sad to watch the Payless shoes breaking so badly right at runway time. Split zippers, broken bits and sewing models into their shoes 1 minute before hitting the catwalk? I guess I’m not so sorry I missed out on grabbing a pair after all.

But the show itself was so cohesive and his point of view as a designer is already so prevalent in his collections. It makes me excited to see where he will continue to grow.

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