Almighty 3.0

Alright, no one but me is really interested in these skin updates, but blogging the results once a month is part of my attempt at staying on track and remaining disciplined about my new year’s skin care resolution.

It’s been a tough month. The kids caught colds, and once I finished nursing them back to health, I’ve been unable to shake the cold myself (it’s been 3 weeks of coughing). We’ve had spring break (which means, my 8 year old is bouncing off the walls and riling up my 2 year old all day long). Even today and tomorrow are MORE days off from school (why didn’t they have this many days off when I was a kid?), the sun is barely up, and my children are raising Cain in the background while I type. I wake up exhausted every day (including today).

My point is: I’ve been literally sick and tired, and skin care is low on the list of things to-do. Blogging is low on the list of things to-do. Everything that doesn’t involve survival is low on the to-do list.

My skin results are the same as ever. My forehead wrinkles look slightly improved. My eyes look tired though, because I am. 

Tretinoin (generic Retinol) lotion: Still really harsh on my skin. I remember to put it on maybe 2 or 3 days a week, with the hope that cumulative results are still in the making.

Water: Sorta.

Vitamins: Only thing I’ve really kept up with, mostly from desperation to get healthy.

Pond’s + scrubby brush: Down from daily use to more like once or twice weekly. Too tired to care, and brushing my teeth is taking priority.

“Almighty” red LED therapy: Here’s where I need to get serious. Many nights, I’ve fallen into bed and been too tired to even watch TV, or knit, much less set up the red light wand. I’ve used the Almighty maybe once a week this past month.

But I’m going to recommit myself to 15 minutes a day with the Almighty, every day. And I hope to God that by the next Almighty update I’ll be much healthier and more energetic again.

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