Almighty results?

It’s officially one month since I began my skin care experiment. Results time! My goals were:

  • 2 15-minute sessions with the Almighty daily
  • Morning and evening facial scrubs with Pond’s cold cream, using my electric spin brush thingy
  • GNC’s Hair, Nails and Skin vitamins daily
  • L’oreal’s Revitalift skin lotion twice daily
  • 32 ounces of water (cheapest, but hardest for me to stick with)
  • I’ve faithfully used the Almighty — usually one 15-minute session a day, sometimes twice — and only missed 2 days in the past month. The results fom my $40 LED wand were more impressive at 4 weeks, which is disheartening, but I still see improvement, so not so disheartening that I’ve discontinued use. However, with the wand, I would place it directly against my skin, and I bask in the Almighty’s light, about 6-8″ from the lights themselves. This could lessen the results, but I’m sticking with it. (Click the pic for the best ebay price I could find, if you’re in the mood to shop).

    The Pond’s cold cream and electric spinning brush ($24) is by far the most effective part of the regimen. I credit this for my really smooth, velvety cheeks and brighter complexion. The spinning brush is a wicked good buy, I’ve had mine for over 2 years and it’s still going strong.

    The GNC vitamins do seem to be working, but I’m noticing hair growth and slightly stronger nails more than anything. Bravo ho HannahM got me all excited about the power of biotin, and after these vitamins run out, I’m gonna try plain, OTC biotin vitamins. But, my hair is brushing my forearms again!

    L’oreal’s Revitalift lotion is interesting. Love that it moisturizes without causing breakouts (as usually happens when I use facial lotions regularly). Maybe the Almighty’s blue LEDs are working too? Dries light on the skin, not greasy. But, I don’t love that there’s no SPF, so I can’t use this for on days I’m going outside.

    And water? Sure it helps, but can you quantify how water helps? I didn’t think so either, but I still know it’s good for me, and for my skin. I know, I should drink more than 32 oz. a day, but give me credit for trying.

    What’s next? I’ve gone to my dermatologist for my tri-annual mole exam, and updated my Tretinoin (generic Retinol) facial cream prescription. Last time, I used the lotion for all of 2 weeks before finding out I was pregnant (and Retinol products are a HUGE NO NO during pregnancy and nursing!) So let’s hope this time I can use it long enough to see good results. Tretinoin is known to show modest results in only one month, and continuous improvement for up to one year.

    Overall? Minor wrinkle diminishment (not as much as hoped). No breakouts, no zits (which I expected, so pleasantly surprised there). Big time improvement on clarity, brightness and texture though! And, my experiment has helped me set better daily habits that I hope to continue with throughout the year.

    As for the Almighty? I’m still using it! And still glad I bought it, even without the drastic 30-day results I hoped for. But I’ll check back in at the end of February and let you know.

    (And yes, poppy… I’m looking less blowzy too. I’m not acting any less blowzy, though).

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    1. I think this is the first time I’ve ever been named in a blog. My mother will be proud.

    2. My husband commented that he likes my L’Oreal 360 set up. I use the creamy kind. I like it. He likes it too.


      • Looked it up and Ooo! Neat! I wanna try it! Now I know what I can switch too once I hit the bottom of the Pond’s jar and feel ready to mix it up a bit. Sweeeet.

    3. You blowzy broad! That’s way too much of a regemin for me, but I am definitely ordering the spinny brush! So what is your routine with it and the Pond’s?

      • Just a glob of Pond’s smeared all over, then I wet the brush ends of the spinning brush and scrub. Rinse and pat dry, then follow with moisturizer. Voici! 😀 The Pond’s helps my uber dry skin, esp. in winter.

    4. Nice to see an article about Light Therapy. I would suggest for the larger devices like you are using to increase the treatment times to at least 30 minutes as the distance from the skin is larger than a hand held device. We recommend times from 30-45 minutes to salons who use similar devices. The nice thing about the larger devices is that you can listen to music or relax while treating. (some people watch TV and treat half their face for 30 per side)
      Please keep updating your blog with results of the treatment.

    5. Good luck with your testings. I bookmarked your blog.

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