Jay Loves Germs

 Jay, Jay, Jay… you are so weird. And we love you for it.

 Jay’s selling new fabrics at his website, and if you’re particularly handy with a sewing machine (which I aspire to be someday) you might find this rather interesting! Let’s talk costs first… $9.50 a yard is reasonable, but I had trouble finding the fiber content (cotton maybe?).

 “Germania” is McCarroll’s new fabric line, and the classicist in me harkened back to wonder, “Why would Jay do a line of fabrics based on ancient Germany?”

 NO! Silly me, it’s not an antiquated reference to Germany at all. It’s Germ-Mania, as in Jay is loving on germs. Is this the true motivation behind naming his site “The Colony”? Ok, maybe not. But it would seem the hot air balloon inspiration phase of Jay’s career (circa 2006-7) is officially over, the Wonderland theme came next (and is still available as of today!), but this Fall, while the rest of the world is muttering, “Swine flu,” while washing their hands, Jay has embraced his inner amoeba to take a whimsical look at the life of germs.

 Here’s what Jay has to say… “Somewhere in the valley of bed bugs bugging and kooky crawlers crawling lies a place called GERMANIA where facemasks and hand sanitizer are strictly prohibited. Come celebrate an infectious good time care of your hosts the nerggles, the gwarbbles and the gablobs. Who says all germs are bad? Being clean is boring. Get a little dirty with GERMANIA.”

 Love ’em? Or hate ’em?

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  1. How could you not love them! So interesting. Man if I could only sew I’d be all over these.

  2. I like! A new take on paisley.

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