Siriano, PR’s Golden Child

I have to give it up to Christian Siriano.

He has thoughtfully cultivated his mere 15 minutes of fame from winning Project Runway in 2008 into a burgeoning career, nearly two years later. What other PR winner can boast of this kind of longevity? Is it too soon to call him a household name? 

I’ve been meaning to take time to talk about PR’s Golden Child for months now, but every time I consider it… he’s already on to the next thing.

His Payless deal we’ve covered, his Victoria’s Secret makeup deal as well. Yes, he showed his Spring 2010 collection for NY’s Fashion Week, while releasing his first book, Fierce Style.

 He’s even landed the highly coveted spot on Oprah to show off his new collection, and the gowns are delicious. Lots of “structure, with movement” from the tiny petals, generous folds and gathered draping of luxurious fabrics that create the ultimate “fantasy” experience, by the designer’s vision.

 This one is striking, featuring a print Siriano describes as his creation born from the inspiration he gained from the Amalfi coast. The skirt billows in waves as she walks, an effect that he thoughtfully created with crinoline.

 But this one is my favorite, and Siriano describes it as using the volcanic inspiration of Pompeii in its design. The structure, silhouette and print? Love love love!

 He’s designed a card for Starbucks and he’s designing a gown for Heidi Klum, according to his Twitter tweets.

And by the time I hit “Publish” for this blog, he will have already inked another deal… yes, he is that damn hot as a commodity for the current consumer market. You go, boy!

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  1. The volcano inspired dress is beautiful. I love Christian!

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